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Most of the country, polled over and over again, does not agree with the direction it is taking nor approve with the Bush administration and the Democrat led congress.

What is your take on this? Do you think it is really true? What is a “wrong direction” and what is an approval? What would be a good direction?

What if polls were actually buffalo poop, manipulated numbers to influence politics, the economy, or the people? 

Eric Chevreuil Eric Chevreuil



  1. eric  •  Jun 11, 2008 @11:37 pm

    OK…Do we all agree that polls mean nothing?
    Example: Sacramento Bee June 10:

    One poll reports that 80% of the Californians don’t want the school budget to be cut in order to help fix our $14 to $20 billion budget deficit. (also reports that 35% of our students are failing high school exam…our teachers are among the best paid of the nation….we always rank in the last five to ten states for education…we rank about half for per pupil spending….and for that we spend close to 60% ot the total budget of California EVERY YEAR…07-08 $52 billion + $10 billion for universities….total budget $110 billion)

    Another poll reports that 63% of the Californians rather have budget cuts across the board that tax increases.

    How can 80% disagree with budget cuts while 63% agree…

    143% of the polled people seem to disagree…Does not make any sense but gets ink flowing and politicians talking!

  2. eric  •  Jun 11, 2008 @11:41 pm

    I agree with Jerry!

    Yes, I said it! There are at least two things we can agree on: I disapprove of Bush and hate where the country is going….does it make me a liberal? Should I get out of the closet? Are you going to love me more for my candid confession? Is George going to hate me….and Lionel ban me from this place? Is Jim Johnson going to pay my mortgage with OBObama’s blessing?

  3. Chuck Love  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:20 pm

    Eric, it is so good to see that you have come around to your senses. It is true. Our views on the economy and the general state of the country have hit an all-time low and this was stated in a New York Times poll. Eighty-one percent of those polled say the country is on the wrong track, while only 14 percent believe it is heading in the right direction and I would wager that the 14 percent are rich, white republicans.

    Chuck Love

  4. Carly Tent  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:25 pm

    Just recently, the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that a recession is possible, but 66 percent of those polled say the country is already in a recession - a number that is unchanged from two weeks ago. Except for you and George and a few other not-too-bright people, everybody knows that we are in a recession and clearly on our way to hell (that is if Obama does not fix it first). Why not take your own poll and see?

    Carly Tent
    Los Angeles

  5. Ricky Manners  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:29 pm

    Most Americans say that the state of the economy has taken a personal toll. In a poll that I read, 79 percent say they have had to make cutbacks in their daily spending in recent years, and only 28 percent say those cutbacks have been tough. What you need to ask, Eric, is who is better positioned to get us back on the right track?

    Ricky Manners

  6. Non Loyalist  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:32 pm

    I think most Americans believe that we need some serious progressive change for this country, based on the last 30 years of conservative GOP rule.

    Unfortunately, Americans have in large part lost the will to demand positive change. When Representative Murtha spoke up for redeployment of troops from Iraq, we allowed the war profiteering mainstream media to marginalize and slander him as a traitor. When Representative Conyers spoke up for impeachment, an equally popular idea, masses of people did not speak up in support.

    I am afraid that when President Obama tries to propose changes, which by definition will be at the expense of the anointed corporate rich of this country, not enough people will be willing to take a strong stand for action. Not enough Americans are engaged or concerned. I guess they have been sufficiently scared by the powers that be. However, Americans should not complain about getting just what they therefore deserve.

    Non Loyalist
    San Francisco, CA

  7. Jason Crest  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:33 pm

    CBS Poll: 81% Say U.S. On Wrong Track

    But nothing happens to this President as a result, nothing, just talk, amazing, President Bush has powers beyond reason, nothing and no one can touch him!

    Cedar Rapids

  8. Jo Florence  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:35 pm

    I cant imagine a worse choice for president than:
    1. Last survivor of the Keating 5….didn”t know that eh?…good timing for our economy now…eh?
    2. While a hero pilot, a prisoner of war whose dad was the supreme commander in europe…special care.
    3. Seventy something years old….I remember President Idontrecall..
    4. A Republican…they had their chance to improve, but instead have ruined the U.S.
    5. Husband to the largest Beer distribution in the U.S. (ok this may be a plus….lol)
    6. Warns that the U.S. forces may stay in Iraq of 100 years…(definitely not)…we shouldn”t be there now.
    7. Has no plans on how he would help our economy, our heathcare, and our social security issues….

  9. Dan Wooster  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:36 pm

    In December, 2000 I said to someone:
    “Don”t worry. What could one person do in 4 years?”

    Turns out I underestimated Bush’’s resolve.


  10. Isabella  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:37 pm

    The Clinton’s: lies and cries, those crocodile tears. Sen. McCain: capable of re-erupting and continuing the sacrifice of American bodies for barrels of oil. Self-centeredness and greed; it is a promise of more of the same. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. And yet, regardless of what I might say or do, I go on proving I”m a shameless fool…which is clearly for the enlightened to see.


  11. Rick Harasch  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:39 pm

    Polls = nothing. Depending on the types of questions and how the people analyze the answers, you can get polls to say anything. I just saw an ABC poll that says that 97% of people say that CBS polls are wrong.

    Rick Harasch
    Portland, Oregon

  12. Marco  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:40 pm

    Recession? Just a bunch of liberal media hype to try to get a Democrat into the White House. It was the same whining when Bill Clinton was first running against Bush Senior. We have 95% employment and the media is crying disaster.


  13. Mary Wahlberg  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:41 pm

    I agree, this congress is doing nothing, but nothing is better than the republican lead congress/house/oval office we had before that, that put us in this situation. You cant expect then to do everything at once and make it all peachy kean. What Bush and his congressional pirates have done is going to take more than 2 years to fix.

    Mary Wahlberg

  14. Agnes Elms  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:44 pm

    “CBS Poll: 81% Say U.S. On Wrong Track”

    Been saying that for years, that 19% must be the bush regime’’s fundy religious reich wingers. What you say, Eric?

    Agnes Elms

  15. Colin Simon  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:45 pm

    So, wait… 4% STILL say things are better now than five years ago.

    Does the Bush family make up 4% of the total US population?

    Colin Simon

  16. Donnsley  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:48 pm

    If the Democratic primary had drag on much longer, we would have had 100% thinking the country is on the wrong track.

    Nothing like $100M in advertising about how bad it is to affect the national psyche.

    Another statistic today, 72% think they are “personally” fairly good or very good financially.

    The only reason to have that dichotomy of statistics is the negative advertising which makes us think everyone else must be in the bread line….. but we aren”t.


    Oklahoma City

  17. Michelle Williams  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:49 pm

    America is down the wrong road. It will get worse.
    The haves vs the have nots
    Rich vs the poor
    It is worse today.
    Money talks and bs walks.
    Govt vs the people.

    Michelle Williams
    Washington, DC

  18. Dan Cranston  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:50 pm

    Have news for you, the country is 100% headed in the wrong direction. Someday the fat cats will figure this out after they have been taken down by the middle and lower class.

    Dan Cranston

  19. Proud American  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:52 pm

    Well, I grew up in a pioneer house and as the American dream goes, I don”t have a lot. I”m already at the bottom of ravine, so I don”t have far to fall, but I might be crushed. To all who want to see America fall, as we fall, so goes the world. Don”t think there won”t be any “trickle down,” effects.

    Proud in Maine

  20. The Skeptic  •  Jun 13, 2008 @7:54 pm

    So who did CBS poll anyway? I wasn’t asked. Did a reporter step outside of the CBS studio in NY and ask 100 left wing Easterners from New York? If that is who was polled, of course, the results were 81 percent left wing.

    The Skeptic

  21. Jerry Saxz  •  Jun 13, 2008 @8:04 pm

    Eric, when did the Titanic become a submarine?
    Our economy has definitely “gone Sub…prime”, eh Georgy boy?

    When Bush originally ran for office, his concern was the economy…I remember…he was sitting next to a real President around Y2K….remember that? Who would have thought the Y2K disaster was the Pres. Election?

    What did he do since he was appointed President?
    The economy for the richest have improved a great deal…now they can find homes anywhere to buy…

    The war is going fabulously….4004+ American soldiers dead, 60,000 wounded?, 2,500,000 homeless refugees, 100,000 iraqi dead, and to boot…at each other’s throats…a real plus for the extremist Christians…
    Shall I go on, Eric? How about all the money those contractors are making?….its a Killing….$100,000 a year for security guards….good pay…isn’t that what you and Georgy boy and Vonfrederick do for a living?

    Also, the “rough patch” seems to be affecting the oil industry too..$15,000,000,000.00 in profits aren’t enough…they need tax breaks as well…It seems they need help getting more oil.

    And on top of all that, the PATRIOT Act…to make sure things go as planned…how smart…

    But all this will be O.K…..Bush’s solution…KEEP THE TAX CUTS PERMANENT….gee how come he is so smart…?

    He didn’t go to Viet Nam…smart eh, Georgy boy?

    Jerry Saxz

  22. Jerry Saxz  •  Jun 13, 2008 @8:16 pm

    Folks, Eric says that he agree with me. Although I believe that he is being funny, deep down I know that he understands my philosophy and know that I speak with accuracy and conviction. One day, I hope that his non-intellect friend George come around soon, and join the club; but somehow, when one is not too smart, it comprises their ability to assimilate information. Thanks for being a REAL MAN Eric but will warn the blog to take what you said about me with a grain of salt. You tend to be unpredictable.

    Jerry Saxz

  23. George  •  Jun 13, 2008 @8:47 pm

    Eric… yep… you tricked them! And they still don’t get it! :o But then we knew it would be simple. It never ceases to amaze me at just how ignorant liberals are. Confirms the old sayings…
    Stupid is as Stupid Does… and Once Stupid Always Stupid…

    Describes the liberals to a “T” :o

  24. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:43 pm

    Chuck….if 14 percent are rich white republicans, does it mean that
    black or Native American republicans are agreeing with you? What about
    rich Hispanics and Republicans?


  25. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:47 pm

    Carly…sure…but as I showed above, the polls are twisted and
    questions open for the answer the pollster wants. See above my
    Californian budget cut example…By the way….there is an official
    definition of what a recession is….but it is America, you can make
    your own; so what is YOUR recession? You cannot drive your fat SUV


  26. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:48 pm

    Ricky…do you think people are going to state that they are fine if
    they can get a freebee? I made cutrbacks! I could not live in Monterey
    and live in Norcal….my commuter is a 20 yo car because I could not buy
    a new one….I eat Tri Tip once in a while and burgers more
    often….life is about cutbacks to live at your level…isn’t it?


  27. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:49 pm

    Non loyalist….to what?

    Prez OBAMA? Can WE the people vote in your liberal dictatorship of
    change before he is nominated?

    People will resist the changes when they will be based on tax increases!
    You bet! Do you pay taxes?


  28. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:50 pm

    Jason….way to go…let’s amend the constitution: whoever in elected
    position that don’t score above 30% job approval ratings will be kicked
    out….and here goes Bush, and Pelosi, and the whole congress….way to
    go buddy…


  29. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:51 pm

    Jo Florence…you just pissed me off! What have you done for your
    frigging country lartely…look up Hanoi Hilton….better….watch the
    movie….special care my butt Jane Fonda! And what about a son in Iraq
    and one about to graduate Indianapolis! You are a moron and don’t
    deserve the freedoms that were granted to you by the McCains of your
    country….go back to Woodstock, do us a favor! And take OBObama and his
    rotten mortgage speculators or crazy reverends with you….and both
    Clintons too…


  30. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:52 pm

    Dan….funny….I said the same at Clinton 1….and he had a second
    turn! And we almost had a third….If Bush pisses so many people, in my
    books, it might be doing something good…


  31. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:53 pm

    Isabella….self centeredness is American.


  32. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:54 pm

    Rick….Amen….a smart one out here! J.


  33. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:54 pm

    Marco….well another smart one. Thx…refreshing!


  34. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:55 pm

    Mary Wahlberg….Democratic congress doing nothing: thank you….we
    noticed…but what is WORSE than nothing?


  35. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:56 pm

    Agnes….you don’t want to know how happy I am for you guys have proven
    me right! You will see below! J


  36. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:56 pm



  37. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:57 pm

    Michelle…nice….reads like slogans! Getting ready for some marching
    and tire burning?


  38. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:57 pm

    Dan….fat cats?


  39. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:58 pm

    Proud…you are right…we fall and we take everybody along.


  40. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:58 pm

    Skeptic….that is a poll for you! Just BS…


  41. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 13, 2008 @11:59 pm

    Jerry…amazing….numbers! you can count! J What have you done for your
    country Jerry?


  42. Eric Chevreuil  •  Jun 14, 2008 @12:00 am

    Jerry, I understand your philosophy (and others!) but I do agree with
    you and disapprove of both the direction we are going and the decisions
    the Prez takes on many issues….we are doomed….and I realize it
    reading that blog!!


  43. eric  •  Jun 14, 2008 @12:05 am

    By the way….for the cry baby that cannot drive their stupid Sport Utility vehicles, trucks, Sport light utility trucks (SLUT), and other gas guzzler and don’t like where we are going with the gas prices and how much profit oil companies made….and think the latter are responsible….I have news for you:

    Cost of gasoline break down according to the liberal Californian government

    Refiner Margin - Refiner Margin (costs and profits) is calculated by subtracting the market price for crude oil from the wholesale price of gasoline. The result is a gross refining margin which includes the cost of operating the refinery as well as the profits for the refining company.

    Recent example:
    9 June 08:
    Crude Oil Cost: $3.20
    Retail prices: $4.43

    Distribution Costs, Mayketing Costs and Profits: $0.02
    Refinery Cost and Profits: $0.51
    Total for the profit and cost of operation: 53 cts

    State Underground Storage Tank Fee: $0.01
    State and Local Sales Tax: $0.33
    State Excise Tax: $0.18
    Federal Excise Tax: $0.18
    Total: $0.70

    Result: Governments win 70 to 53!

    If the oil companies made billion in profit and that makes you mad, just think of how much your governments (Federal and local) are piling up…and you are pissed at the oil industry and want to raise their taxes…They do the work, find it, drill it, run the risks of losing it all in foreign countries (nationalization of the oil industry has been common from Mexico to Venezuela, not counting all the Arab countries), re-invest in other risky places like Afghanistan, Georgia, Darfur or Colombia and hope things will get better….while the government sits on his butt and cashes in –chin chin- to give to Katrina’s victims while the survivors of the massive fires and exodus of San Diego last year or of the massive floods in Iowa now, just move on with their lives without tears, looting, rapes, murders and shooting at firefighters or other red cross employees….

    Way to go….grow a brain and think, and imagine what would happen if OBObama listen to is crooked acquaintances such as rev Wrong, Tony Rezko, or Jim Johnson and raises the taxes on oil companies?

    Business one-o-one: businesses don’t pay taxes. The cost of operation is included to the price of the product! You would have a job, you would know!

    Sleep tight now! We are watching out for you! :-)

  44. eric  •  Jun 14, 2008 @12:17 am

    Anyways….the whole point of the exercise what to wake you up:

    If 82% of America disagree on direction the country is heading and disapprove of Bush, it DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE ALL LIBERALS AND WILL VOTE OBObama!

    Many of them,, like me agree with you in the poll about the disagreement but FOR DIFFERENT REASONS!

    I disagree on the way the war is fought and want the poll driven politicians to let our troops fight it like we won WW2, like if we really wanted to win it. I want the borders closed and no amnisty. I want smaller governement and taxe rebates only for people who pay taxes. I want corrupt politicians from both sides -yes, even the millionaires of the left- to be dropped like boms over Falluja. I want people who don’t pay taxes not to be allowed to vote on what to do wiuth taxes. I want a national ID card, ID control for voting and paying in shops, police check points and controls, hard labor in jail -a place where nobody would want to go back to-, death penalty, the end of affirmative action -reverse discrimination-. the responsibilization of the society and of the citizens, the universal draft, a strong military and feared and respected country, black helicopters over the borders at night, responsible and dedicated elected officials and state/federal workers, a bullet train in California, chicken for lunch every Sunday, the right to chose my customers if I have a business, etc, etc…

  45. eric  •  Jun 14, 2008 @12:21 am

    So here it is for you guys: how many conseervative leaning people are part of these 82% you are so proud of?

    Tell you what: the only way your dear OBObama can win is if McCain cannot rally the conservatives to his cause! IHe will realize it soon and you will see some of his platform catering a little more to the right on some sensitive and critical issues.

    After all, guys, Ron Paul raised $30 + million and has 12%+ people behind him….more to substract to your 82%

    What is left on the left?

  46. eric  •  Jun 14, 2008 @4:26 pm

    Anybody out there?
    Any Mr or Mrs 80% on your face you white rich Republican?
    Anybody willing to comment on polls, polling, and why it works?

    Generic trick question + morons / candid / haters + biased/ agenda driven/paid off media=people who think the 82% unhappy Americans are all like you!

    After all….not long ago, Billary was the sure nominee….and OBObama a saint….until his “friends” and wife came in the spotlights too…!

    Remember square one: in California, one poll just found out that 80% of the people don’t want budget cuts to remedy the 14-20 billion deficit while another state that 63% favor budget cuts over tax increase.
    It is all in the questions: do you want to cut school, social services, food stamps….to solve the crisis? No they all said for they have been bred and formatted to feel guilty.
    Do you want your taxes to be increased so we fix the deficit without fixing what is wrong in the budget and the many wastes that occur?
    No they all said because this my wallet and don’t you dare touch it!

    Like doctors and their funky researches paid off by businesses to promote money generating habits or by lawyers so a white paper on crazy new syndrom becomes a tool for successful lawsuits:
    Wine is good for your health.
    Wine is bad for your health.
    Chocolate is good.
    Chocolate is bad.
    Attention disorder, hard to wake up diorder, hard to follow orders disorder, grooming disorder (look it up….this one is real)….anything goes…

    Polls generate reactions, fears, entusiasm, involvement, spending, adjustments, changes,etc,etc…
    The media created recession and supported with polls despite the economics 0ne-0-one that has been the standard for decades.

    With the high price of gas hurting your wallet, do you feel the recession?
    With the food prices going up because liberal ecologist are pushing corn growth for biofuel, the new money maker that replaces growth of produces, do you feel the recession?
    Because you are a moron and bought a house you could not afford with bad credit, no down payment variable interest only and cannot afford it anymore: do you feel the recession?

    You guys are histerically funny and out of touch with the real world.
    Have good weekend and Happy father’s day!

    Question: why on father’s day the media promote tool sales so men can work more efficiently around the house? Why do they not promote vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens or othe housewife choir stuff that would put me in a dog house for a month?

  47. Eric  •  Jun 15, 2008 @7:09 am

    And they fell silent!
    Anybody home?
    What about each of you, in one snetence, tells us what would be a right direction for America….The exercise would show that there is a direction per person.
    Soros would want total liberalization of drug use for all.
    Pelosi would want more military contracts for her husband.
    Jerry would say Billary for prez.

    Come on guys….don’t be shy!

  48. eric  •  Jun 16, 2008 @7:28 pm

    All gone….go figure!

  49. eric  •  Jun 17, 2008 @3:24 pm

    OK…let’s make it simple for you:

    Repeat after me: No more Bush, No more Bush!

    Feeling better! Friendly ground?

    Chant that one: Obama, Obama!

    Better now?

    What about that: Iowa floods: no rapes, no murders, no begging, no looting, no stand off, no trailers from FEMA, no three years vacation on tax payer’s money!


  50. Jo Florence  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:24 pm

    Eric, I am happy to know that I pissed you off; if you were a rational thinking man, you would have seen my point. I have done more for this country than you know. I served in the Peace Corps and helped people in many different corners of the world all in the name of Uncle Sam, while you were eating your tri-tip steak in fancy restaurants. By the way, you cut back because Bush made you cut back. When Obama takes over, you will be able to eat tri-tip once again. Vote Obama.

    Jo Florence

  51. Michelle Williams  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:27 pm

    We did not fall silent, Eric. We are just marveling at your stupidity and romance with the Bush administration that you cannot see how poorly we are being led. Did you see the recent polls that say the rest of the world HATES us?

    Michelle Williams

  52. Trooper  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:31 pm

    Eric, these people are crazy. KOOKS by the Hundreds! No, the sky is not falling down. Disregard the polls. No, Bush did no go into Iraq for oil; no, the lenders did not swindle the borrowers on overpriced houses and overstated incomes. I am one who survived the Great Depression, spent 7 years in the service (beginning when I was 16) and have been partially disabled since due to a battle wound; managed to get through college and law school and had a great life. If my generation had been as ready to quit and as unpatriotic as you folks , we would be speaking German or Japanese if we were able to speak at all. Wake up and smell the roses; America has never had it better, and it is still by far the best country in the world (and I have traveled over most of the world and speak with first hand knowledge). If you don’t like the USA, why not migrate to China, that’s where the jobs are!


  53. Cameron Bailey  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:35 pm

    Eric, an ABC News/Washington Post poll puts President Bush’s approval rating at 31 percent, a new low. Just three presidents, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Harry Truman have been lower. Bush, however, has gone 40 months without majority approval, beating Truman’s record (also during economic discontent and an unpopular war) of 38 months from 1949-52. Eighty-two percent of Americans also believe the country is on the wrong track, up 10 points in the last year to a point from its record high in polls since 1973. Respond to kind sir.


  54. Patriot Christian  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:38 pm

    Did those who voted for Bush, perhaps twice, and now believe we are on the wrong track actually learn anything? Or will they repeat the same error and vote for McSame?


  55. Annie  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:39 pm

    Anyone who still supports Bush/McCain is either unforgivably STUPID or indefensibly EVIL.

    Or, maybe both.


  56. Wayne Schneider  •  Jun 17, 2008 @11:40 pm

    I would like to hear the Bush supporters explain to us why more than four out of five Americans are wrong and Bush is right. Using FACTS, please, not ideology.


  57. Zimzone  •  Jun 18, 2008 @12:04 am

    69% of Americans support ‘De-Bushification’.


  58. Robber Baron  •  Jun 18, 2008 @12:08 am

    Congress sits at a dismal 22 percent!!

    Ooooh - we’d better vote Rethuglican then, right?

    Robber Baron

  59. Cal Brownbill  •  Jun 18, 2008 @12:10 am

    “Eighty-two percent of Americans also believe the country is on the wrong track,…”

    That track is undoubtedly a one-way monorail to disaster. It is a shame everybody but bushco, eric, george, and supporters can’t get off and let the track continue straight to Leavenworth.

    Calvin Brownbill

  60. Erica  •  Jun 18, 2008 @12:15 am

    How sad, that after more than 7 years into the Bushitler administration, people are only now realizing their country has been derailed and driven over the cliff.


  61. Ellison Hales  •  Jun 18, 2008 @12:17 am

    Yet McCain, who is running on the Bush platform, still enjoys strong support in the polls. Hmmm….

    Ellison Hales

  62. Sarah Peterson  •  Jun 18, 2008 @12:18 am

    Isn’t Jimmy Carter the best American President to date in the Pros Mind? So Bush is in good Company.

    Congress sits at a dismal 22 percent!!

    Sarah Peterson

  63. eric  •  Jun 18, 2008 @1:01 am

    Guys…you did not get it right? Incredible…polls don’t mean anything…again check my first post and the Californian example!

    Among the 80% who disapprove you have conservatives and libertarians too…and I won’t call you names but almost did! :-)

    Again, I also disapprove of Bush and on where the country is going….but for totally opposite reason…

    Wasting my tome I guess!

  64. eric  •  Jun 18, 2008 @1:04 am

    Wayne: four of five Americans…how do you know that?
    They are wrong and Bush right? How do you know that?

    Again, for each individual there is a wrong and a right….just depends on your day, what you do, what you crave for, what you have lost, etc, etc…polls….highly suggestive! Go back to my early Californian example and explain to me how 82% of the Californian can disagree with 69% on the same issue? :-)

  65. eric  •  Jun 18, 2008 @1:06 am

    Cameron….no comment! The whole blog is about your poll and polls…Remember how Kerry was winning against Bush….Remember how Billary was winning? Remember the recession for 5 months ago…and still waiting? (if we wish for it long enough it might come!)

  66. eric  •  Jun 18, 2008 @1:15 am

    Jo Florence…I am not pissed…takes more than that.

    Let me summarize: “I have done more for this country than you know. I served in the Peace Corps and helped people in many different corners of the world all in the name of Uncle Sam”

    You helped your country getting the hell out of here to teach base ball to natives in the Fidji? Good for you….what about moving in some nast suburbs of LA or Atlanta to help our poors!

    And for 18 years, I had the privilege to be sent armed and loaded in third world countries to evacuate dreamers like you who put themselves in danger in the name of the crazy liberal ideas of universal love and goodness of mankind.

    Thanks to people like you, I had many highly entertaining missions abroad and enjoyed every bit of them…kind of sort of in the movie with Bruce Willis “tears of the sun”, but less glamorous and with more panic and tears in the survivors we extracted.

    Thank you people for making my job exciting! :-) Keep up putting yoursef in harms way knowing that a strong military or a beefy cop will bail you out!

  67. George  •  Jun 18, 2008 @2:01 am

    Geeze Eric… the ignorance displayed in these post is scary… The liberal education system has put American on a fast track to destruction.

    Liberals… yes 80% think America is on the wrong track - 1/2 of those think it is because Bush and Congress is not conservative enough and has been capitulating to Liberal Ideology of big government, overspending, refusing to drill for domestic oil, homosexual marriage, federally paid abortions, appeasing terrorist, allying with communist enemies… Yes we conservative believe America is on the wrong track

    Jimmy Carter was an incompetent clown - rankings among all presidents he is near the bottom where he belongs…

    Right - Democrat Congress approval ratings are 18-21%, Since democrats gained a majority gas has increased $2.00 - the housing market has lost 20-30% equity (just economically corrected) - the stock market has tumbled - and these ignorant liberals just rant on and illustrate their stupidity and disconnect with reality…

    Well Eric you tricked them into displaying just how pathetically ignorant and mentally deficient they are… :o

    Trooper… Right on!! And thank you for your service. Check out the June Vonfrederick news letter to see how much some of us appreciate the real heroes!

  68. Andres G. Rojas  •  Jun 20, 2008 @11:17 pm

    Do I agree that the country is going in the wrong direction? Thats no big secret. An approval rating is a percentage determined by a polling which indicates the percentage of respondents to an opinion poll who approve of a particular person or program. Most often an approval rating is given to a political figure based on responses to a poll in which a sample of people are asked whether they approve or disapprove of that particular political figure. Its obvious that this country is no longer the beacon of freedom that the current president lets on. How bad has it gotten where the presidents most staunch supporters are no longer siding with him. In fact the president with the lowest approval rating in history is te current one.

    Presidents with the lowest approval ratings:

    George W. Bush holds the record at 19% (2/16-19/08 — during the Iraq War).
    Harry S. Truman is the second lowest, at 22% (2/9-14/1952 — during the Korean War).
    Richard Nixon is third lowest, with 24% (7/12-15/1974, 8/2-5/1974 — during the Watergate scandal).
    Jimmy Carter is fourth lowest, with 28% (6/29-7/2/79 — during the Iran hostage crisis).

    I think that the direction we should take is one where self interest in the highest levels of office does not trump the greater good for the people of this country. The difference between this nation and most countries in Europe is that if people unite in protest the government gets scared and acts in favor of the people or compromises. We live under this bogus notion that the people have a say of what goes on in the government where I can’t think of a time when the citizens of this country have been more scared and paranoid of their government.

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