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Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

In today’s news, I read that TSA employees will take over from contract employees to check IDs at airports and that they will all attend a training in “psychological profiling”. What the heck is that?Profiling right now should be based on race and religion only, until more newly converted white Caucasian join the terrorist cause for some twisted murderous reason. No more random selection for the extra search should be made by the computers that manage the ticketing!


Political correctness is literally killing us! We need more spies infiltrating the mosques, more devices monitoring radical imams, more control of our borders, more background investigations, more scrutiny, and more common sense!

These people are out to kill as many civilians as possible! The plot would have gone through; about 3000 people would have perished, fallen in mid ocean. Just another 9-11, just the medicine our airlines and our economy needs.


Like Hezbollah that has spent its time trying to hit civilians targets in Israel, while fighting among a Lebanese civilian human shield, the terrorists just want to achieve a body count, a huge one. It is time to wake up!

Liberals, right wingers, Peaceniks….we are all potential victims and they will not spare any of us.

I know who the enemy is. Do you???


Eric Chevreuil Eric Chevreuil


  1. George  •  Aug 16, 2006 @11:58 am

    Eric… you will anger many a liberal with this. Let me commend you! The Paul Reveres of today must continue the alarm that the enemy is not only at our doorstep but among us.

    When “Flight 93” came out the liberals & liberal media cried out it was too soon. They tried so hard to make news and say Americans would not watch this movie. It was #3 box office hit in the 1st weekend. It was an accounting of courageous Americans preventing more Americans deaths. Yet, the pathetic “I hate Bush & America Liberals” tried to detract from their heroism by concocting all kinds of theories diminishing their deeds. We will never know what happened on that plane. But the one thing these pathetic libs can’t deny was the nowhere field in Pennsylvania was not the terrorist target.

    Last night I saw Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”. Again the hateful libs have said it is too soon and Americans will not watch this movie. Wrong Again! As the box office receipts are proving. It is a story of the courageous first responders risking their own lives to save others in the 9-11 attack. An appropriate line explaining why they did it Cage’s character says “because it was the right thing to do”.

    Doing something because it is the right thing to do is a concept completely foreign to liberals!

    Of course liberals and the liberal media do not want Americans watching either one of these movies. It is a reminder that September 11, 2001 was our generation’s Pearl Harbor. It is a reminder to freedom loving Americans, whether we like it or not, we are at war. At war with Islamic Fundamental Fascist who has a burning hot hatred for Pres. Bush and America!

    The risk we American face is compounded by American liberals who also have a burning hot hatred for President Bush and America – an America not under their boot. America is involved in a Religious War with Islamic Fundamentalist and liberals practicing the Religion of Liberalism. There is no negotiating peace in a religious war… peace is only achieved when the enemy is vanquished. Islamic terrorist and liberals understand this.

    Eric you are so right and freedom loving Americans had better wake up because Islamic Fascist and Liberals both want to take away the freedoms we Americans enjoy and replace it with a world as they think it should be. Victory is the only option. Islamic terrorist must be crushed on the battlefield and liberals must be crushed at the ballot box for America, as we know and love it, to survive.

  2. Jerry  •  Aug 16, 2006 @3:56 pm

    Eric, you are dead wrong on this again. Sir, what is the matter with you and George and Joe? Profiling of any kind is wrong and that is why it is not a “LAW.” Evidence has also shown that profiling does not work. Now women are becoming freedom fighters; were you expecting that? Did you profile that?

    Even more so, most people do not want prolifing of any kind? I know that you and your nice friend George will ask for proof; if you need to dispute me, show the readers the evidence that shows an overwhelming support for profiling. Americans do not like or trust the French (need proof of that as well?); what if Americans began to beat up the French wherever they are found, would that be fair to you and your family? Start thinking man.

    Jerry Saxz

  3. Kelly  •  Aug 16, 2006 @4:02 pm

    Some one asked a very profound question recently on this blog and no one answered it. So, I am going to ask it again. How come when we are close to an election, Mr. Bush decides to find reasons to scare the people about terrorism? This morning, a United Airlines flight had an emergency landing all because a woman was CLAUSTROPHOBIC. Come on republicans, you all can do better than that.

    By the way, who are you going to profile next? Old grandmothers?

    Kelly Jackson

  4. Jerry  •  Aug 16, 2006 @4:18 pm

    Oh George, here you go again on your liberal bashing rampage. At least no one was called “potty mouth” names by you. Thanks for controlling yourself and I applaud you. George, the reason why people did not want to see those aforementioned movies is because the victims were still healing and recuperating from their loss. But the money hungry right-wingers could not wait to exploit the people by making the movies they knew would continue to hurt the victims. Remember George, not all of us are foolish. Many liberals can read between the lines.

    But you made a very important point that has answered all of my prior postings and those of many others. You wrote, “…whether we like it or not, we are at war. At war with Islamic Fundamental Fascist who has a burning hot hatred for Pres. Bush and America!” Bingo, George and Eric, and Joe, and Blevin. See now how Bush’s foreign policy has created hatred for himself and Americans from people all over the world? As soon as Bush leaves office, the freedom fighters whom you call Fascists will stop their hatred for you; they will return to the pre-Bush America; they will restore the world to the normalcy that Bush disrupted. We have someone waiting to do that; HILLARY CLINTON.

    Jerry Saxz

  5. Toby  •  Aug 16, 2006 @4:22 pm

    Eric, I believe that the liberal’s hatred for the president is so severe that they are willing to see thousands blown away just to prove that president Bush was wrong. That is a dangerous view to take. We need to start profiling and doing whatever it takes to protect our people and the only people out there trying to hurt us are Arabs and Muslims. We just cannot turn our country over to the liberals; they will put us in a very precarious state.

    Toby Billingsley

  6. Jean  •  Aug 16, 2006 @4:24 pm

    The only good muslim is a dead muslim. Thai is all that I have to say.


  7. David  •  Aug 16, 2006 @4:28 pm

    The Bush administration over reacts again. They portrayed a woman on a flight from London to Washington DC with a screwdriver, vaseline and an al quaeda note. Turned out the woman was afarid of flying. But the country was again on alert over a flase alarm. Is this how you guys plan on winning in November? By scaring people to the polls?

    David Harmony
    San Francisco

  8. George  •  Aug 16, 2006 @4:53 pm

    Jerry… whatever

  9. George  •  Aug 16, 2006 @5:35 pm

    Kelly… Jackson or is it Mint…?? A profound question? Now that’s funny!! You must have been educated in the same academic setting as Jerry. Anyone with intellect would question your definition of profound… lets review…

    Ok it was Kelly “Mint” on Aug 12, 2006, that parroted this liberal talking point… “Isn’t it ironic that every time George Bush is down in the polls or elections are close by, that we all of a sudden capture terrorists? Hmmmm.” Boy Kelly, How Original? Now a Kelly “Jackson” asks it again… what a stretch of the imagination. Could these intellectual masterpieces be coming from the same mental cavern?

    The question was answered Kelly and now I will offer the same answer given on August 12th again…

    Yes Kelly isn’t ironic… you mean like the 9-11 attack on the WTC, Bush’s poll numbers really jumped on that one; or the similar plot that was suppose to occur over the Pacific in 1993 - I hear it really helped Clinton’s poll numbers…

    Or how about Clinton firing some missles at an empty training camp in Afghanistan or buildings in Iraq to get Monica off the front pages and help his poll number… oh wait a minute that did happen.

    You know Kelly I hear Hitler was in cahoots with FDR and invaded Poland and bombed Britain to help FDR’s poll numbers here in the US… you know Kelly FDR’s poll numbers were down because of the depression… isn’t that were they came up with “it’s the economy stupid”…

    Oh and Kelly be careful what you say on your phone or on this blog because Bush & Rove have wiretaps on all liberal phones (but not us right-wingers); and if you hear a helicopter hide in your basement because the black booted thugs are about to invade your home…

    “By the way, who are you going to profile next? Old grandmothers?” Another profound and well thought out question offered by a Kelly… Answer… You bet!! If they start blowing up planes!!!!!

  10. George  •  Aug 16, 2006 @5:49 pm

    Eric… isn’t it odd… I remember a drive by blogger named Michel raved about her lawyeristic accomplishment… on the east coast wasn’t it? Even though she lived in Redondo Beach, Ca. She educated you on profiling. And being an accomplished attorney she told you profiling was illegal…. and that parrot Jerry repeated everything she said… as it was his idea and is doing it again.

    Now Eric I remember that I provided Michel with 3 Supreme Court decisions holding that profiling, even racial profiling, is legal and accepted procedure… And did not hear from her again after that… But not Jerry… Now that self professed educator is telling you again that profiling is not LAW… notice that he did not support his claim with any facts or references… he is definitely a legend in his own mind…

    Eric what is it with liberals that they never support their outrageous claims with any emperical evidence, with any references, with any facts… just blah, blah, blah…

  11. Eric  •  Aug 16, 2006 @7:38 pm

    The Bush administration? You guys don’t make sense!
    I don’t give a darn about the administration, this one or the past one and I don’t need any conspiracy theory to see that the one who blew the Twin Towers, who blew the Trains in Madrid and London, and who have been doing it for the past 30 years are Arab extremists!
    I am sorry, Muslim militants do that everyday and everywhere and common sense just dictates that we should pay more attention to these people than to a 6 yo African American or a 60 y.o Swedish lady!
    I have a name for you guys: victims! Your logic is really twisted and you should listen to yourselves. I think that whatever happens will be GW’s administration’s fault anyways. Right?
    If a plot goes through, MuslimS involved, you blame the Foreign policy and “win”. If we try to enforce measures to protect people, you scream that your basic constitutional freedom is attacked and blame Bush too!
    Whether you like it or not, Muslim men and women are the one trying to do us harm….even under Clinton! But you have a short term memory and according to Jerry’s past posts, flight attendants even deserve to die anyways because they carry drugs for drug lords!!!
    What was the last one from Hilarious Clinton: “It is critical that we have a timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq. It is also critical that we don’t have a set date because it would help the insurgents” …Flip Flopping seems a new trend on the left side of the aisle!

  12. Jerry  •  Aug 16, 2006 @10:30 pm

    And don’t you forget it George; you will always be afraid of me. I have told you before and you are showing it now. I am a STRONG liberal who can handle you and others of your ilk. I am not going to cower to you and your name calling and your liberal bashing. I like it when you are cornered and lackinging voice. Good for me. I told you that I am here to teach you a lesson or two.

    Jerry Saxz

  13. Eric  •  Aug 16, 2006 @10:52 pm

    For Jerry only, because we like to educate him, provide him with facts, links, references….things he has not been able to do ONCE since he joined us in June when her started ranting ands expressing his opinions!

    I quote: A majority say the profiling of people with Middle Eastern accents or features is understandable or not particularly wrong.

    The website:

    Let me tell you about racial profiling: it is when Middle Eastern terrorist ONLY target US citizens, assets (airlines) or infrastructures (Embassies, WTC….). You know what Jerry, you would have been in one of the plane they crashed in 9-11, your being what you are would have not saved your butt. Hostage on the Achille Lauro, you would have been shot and thrown overboard. You have forgotten it, but they still know it abnd hate you for that: you are an AMERICAN! In Iraq, you’d be beheaded on video. The same would happen in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cashmir, Afghanistan. In Syria, Libya, Iran, you’d be most likely harrassed and arrested as a “spy”, just to blackmail the governement. Anywhere in the world, where terorist groups are cative, you’d be a target.

    George….Jerry is definitely a waste of time. For other who do not agree with us, give us a chance, confront us with facts.

    The introduction piece is here to stirr the debate. I said I want more profiling of Middle Easterners because, too bad if it is true, Middle Easterners have been behind most of the attacks against us for the past 30 years, and are still planning more. I stated my opinion based on these well known facts (George always seems to need to throw the links and facts every other debate and can back up this statement is you suffer from short term memory loss or are Ritalined). If you disagree, tell us why and back it up. If Democrat elected representatives act like Jerry, they are doomed!

  14. Eric  •  Aug 16, 2006 @10:58 pm

    Jerry….opinions, opinions, blah, blah…
    you said “Americans do not like or trust the French (need proof of that as well?); “….
    Yes, please, I do!
    I have never said Americans are idiots, because that would be a baseless opinion. You, on the other hand????I guess I have enough of your opinions as a fact for my judgement….come on, we all know by now that you are a pimple ridden teen believing the junk you say.

    Last blog, I had to copy/paste lots of your old ranting to show your supporters what a fake you were, what an opinionated male chauvinist racist ignoramus you were. Have you seen how fast they ran away, male or female, after reading the sadness of your rant?

    You are pathetic and I might do it again, and again….because it is funny!

  15. Eric  •  Aug 16, 2006 @11:01 pm

    Kelly. Are you saying that Bush made up the 21 Pakistanese, the liquid explosives and the plot? Did he make up London, Madrid, 9-11. the Cole, two embassies, Kuwait, Lockerbie, TWA, Achille Lauro, a night club in Berlin…etc,etc…
    Listen to what you say! Plain Amazing….How blind can one be? What do we need to convince you? San Fran or Dtroit would make you happy?

  16. George  •  Aug 16, 2006 @11:01 pm

    whatever jerry

  17. Eric  •  Aug 16, 2006 @11:22 pm

    It is just a matter of perspective.
    Airplane crews are the one that make a decision once on the air….remember the “shoe bomber”? Remember the lunatic passengers restrained while he tried to open the cockpit (he eventually died too)?

    My wife is a flight attendant. She would have any plane turn around if somebody was caught acting in a weird or dangerous fashion.

    If the crew members of the airlpane you mention faced a lunatic with a screw driver, some liquid and a terrorist note, they acted well, and certainly reported it to the FAA. Awaiting for more info, the alert level went up until the plane’s landing, and that is quite logical too.

    What would have you done in any of these airplanes? If you stirr trouble, the crew has the right to tie you to your seat and have the police arrest you at landing…and they would do it. And I wish pilots had guns! :-)

    For Jerry the highly educated, the issue is quite simple (everything is simple with Jerry, evven Jerry)! I quote, “Airline flight attendants. It comes with the territory. They fly around trying to look pretty and cute but are afraid to die?The funny thing is, many of the attendants are used as spies and also as couriers for drug kingpins”. So there is no discussion possible when you hear that stuff.

    I do hope that you will elevate the debate and take it from the crew, or the airlines, and not for Bush. Or maybe you believe it was a conspiracy, a Republican airplane set up to increase Bush’s poll numbers….

    That would not surprise me either. Arecent poll showed that one third of the polled believed the US gov was behind 9-11….no comment!

    (for Jerry: look and learn….a comment, a link to back it up…etc, etc…)

  18. Jerry  •  Aug 17, 2006 @1:52 am

    Eric asked of me, “Jerry….opinions, opinions, blah, blah…
    you said “Americans do not like or trust the French (need proof of that as well?); “….
    Yes, please, I do!”

    Eric, I cannot believe that you would ask me that question. Can you name five Americans who like the French? And, I am not talking about your cronies, George, Vonfrederick, and Blevins, or your wife. People in America do not like the French nor anything French. Sorry Eric. You are disillusioned my friend.

    Jerry Saxz

  19. Kelly  •  Aug 17, 2006 @2:00 am

    Eric, I am talking about historical events, (TWA, etc). I am talking about current events. I am not convinced that the government did not plant and manufacture the entire London scare and the lady on the United Air flight from London. This administration has a history of deceit (outing the CIA agent, etc). There is even talk of 9/11 being a Bush Administration stunt, which I am not sure about now. You and George may be too caught up in your politics to pay attention, but not me.

    Kelly Jackson

  20. Kelly  •  Aug 17, 2006 @2:06 am

    George, you are too far to the right to even see clearly. You write about Clinton and Hitler, etc but I am writing about what Bush is doing, not what others have done in the past. You do not even question anything because of your rightwinged daftness, but as I related to Eric; not I. I am too intelligent not to question things as they are put down our throats. And about the grandmothers being profiled, your true colors are being shown by your proclivity to harass lil old grandmas.

    Kelly Jackson

  21. Sasha  •  Aug 17, 2006 @2:11 am

    George, you said, “I provided Michel with 3 Supreme Court decisions holding that profiling, even racial profiling, is legal and accepted procedure…” I am not so sure that you are correct on this. Profiling is not a legal or lawful practice. maybe police officers use it in the daily jobs but it is not part of our judicial system. So, if you can elucidate me with more information, please do.

    Sasha Perkins

  22. Omar  •  Aug 17, 2006 @2:17 am

    Wow. That is all I could say after reading this, “I don’t give a darn about the administration, this one or the past one and I don’t need any conspiracy theory to see that the one who blew the Twin Towers, who blew the Trains in Madrid and London, and who have been doing it for the past 30 years are Arab extremists!”

    Because white people enslaved my ancestors mean that I should go around assaulting white people everywhere? Because a few Muslims are trying to kill Americans mean that we should assault all Muslims? Such an educated assessment of what is happening around you, guys.

    Omar True

  23. Jerry  •  Aug 17, 2006 @2:33 am

    Eric is beginning to sound like George. Did he write this for you? You tried to refute my assertion that most peole are against profiling. So you produced an article written by some guy named “Marshall” who wrote, “A majority say the profiling of people with Middle Eastern accents or features is understandable or not particularly wrong.”

    First off, that statement is vague; “understandable’ and “not particularly wrong” does not say that “profiling is right.” And it does not say that “a majority of people” want to begin profiling. Also, do you know what type of research the author conducted? Do you know how it was done? Do you know who the participants were? Do you believe everything that you read, Eric?

    Now I see why you and Georgy say the things you say. Remember, I am here to educate guys. It is what I do and I do believe that I am getting through to both of you. See how I have managed to put your friend Georgy in his little corner? It is not because I enjoy pointing out the folly of his ways and his shortcomings; I would rather teach him and you something (and others on the blog). It is just that it took a long time for me to get through to Georgy but it worked. Be patient my friend; you are next for an education.

    Jerry Saxz

  24. mystique  •  Aug 17, 2006 @3:58 am

    I have been following this stuff here for while. Jerry certainly is one tough cookie, my mans. he has got some valid points and he sure knows how to get them across in a intelligent manner. he has got on the boxing gloves. ain’t nothins gonna stop him now.

  25. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @1:20 pm

    Sasha… I think Profiling is so controversial because of idiotic “political correctness” implemented by what I would call the assault on the 1st Amendment…

    But to answer your valid question… People often confuse the legality of profiling with Policy different agencies may officially or unofficially implement… Profiling is legal. Here are briefs of the 3 US Supreme Court decisions that address profiling…

    Whren v. United States
    In this case the court held that in the 4th Amendment the context of race could legitimately be considered as a factor in the determination to stop an individual so long as the police independently have reasonable suspicion.

    Illinois v Wardlow
    In Wardlow the court allowed the use of profiling behavior along with the factor of location.

    United States v Weaver
    In Weaver the court addressed the concept of unpopularity or violation of “political correctness” that profiling incites. The officer relied on race coupled with the other factors in the decision to approach and ultimately detain Weaver. The court held that “facts are not to be ignored simply because they may be unpleasant. The court wished it were otherwise, but take the facts as they are presented, not as they would like them to be.”

    Sasha they do not have laws that say profiling is unlawful or lawful… the way it works is like this… profiling is effected through the evidence that is obtained by its use; profiling is allowed if the evidence obtained is not excluded…

    Sasha, I would sumbit to you that it will depend more on the training, abilily and quality of the cop and how well he presents his investigation to the courts… presented well with good reporting and tesitimony, etc. more profiling is allowed… if he is lazy and submits bad reports, testifies poorly the evidence obtained by profiling has a better chance of being excluded…

  26. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @1:30 pm

    Kelly… the absurdity of my response was an analogy to your journey into the conspiratorial fantasyland… the absurdity of the FDR – Hitler conspiracy is the equivalent to your Bush conspiracies… probably a good topic for a new comic book series or maybe an Oliver Stone movie… :o

  27. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @1:51 pm

    David… you said mentioned winning elections “By scaring people to the polls?”

    I don’t think that works… like when the liberal democrats lied about republicans taking away social security for senior citizens, or food away from the poor, or stopping the head start program and taking away the parasites entitlements… do you mean that kind of “scaring”?

    Didn’t work for the liberals in the election cycles since ‘92.

    But David tell me… Do you accept that we are at war, accept the War on Terror is a Religious War with Islamic Fundamental Fascist? If so, who do you want to be leading this country in this war… If not, I understand your position on conservatives and the Bush Administration…

    David… since I accept we are at war I also accept the fact it will not be fought perfectly… we will win battles, lose battles, with the military executing the war there will be blunders, mistakes, victories… if the politicians execute the war there will surely be defeat…

    I believe this will be a long war and will go on long after Bush leaves office. My fear is Americans will not have the will to sustain the fight to win. That is what the Islamic Fascist are counting on… read their comments and speeches to their people…

  28. jessica stephens  •  Aug 17, 2006 @3:06 pm

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Are all the teachers pedophiles now? People really better watch out who is keeping the company of their children during the day if they have offspring. Unrelated to the current topic here but disturbing none the least.

  29. jessica stephens  •  Aug 17, 2006 @4:05 pm

    All he can say is he is sorry????? What amount the additional pain he caused the parents, scrutinized and accused by the public of killing their own darling daughter?? The mother, the father and the 10 yr. old brother. The mother went to her grave in June suspected by the masses of murdering her daughter. They became pariahs…it is like feathers in the wind. My great grandmother once said that once something is said (or put out into media spotlight) it is like feathers cast into the wind. They cannot be gathered again, restored and it will never be the same…

  30. Eric  •  Aug 17, 2006 @4:10 pm

    jerry….I won’t even address your opinions anymore (check French Alliances in the US, Sacramento French movie festival, number of Kids learning French and getting scholarships from the French gov for that….)….
    How did I summarize your past blogging:”Jerry is a racist, a bigot, a male chauvinist pig, an affabulator, does not like Communists, socialists, conservatives, French, jews, women and illegal immigrants, reads too many comic books, thinks he is Arab, lives head in a sand in Ohio, thinks he is an intellectual, and cannot backup anything that comes out of his foul mouth…Is he a typical American democrat?”
    Besides, the website quoted is about polls conducted in America….and that cannot be worse than your hollow opinions!

  31. jessica stephens  •  Aug 17, 2006 @4:25 pm

    Interesting article on August newsletter re: incest or molestation . I would like to have seen further studes conducted regarding the cumulative effect that the abuse has later on in the victim’s life (e.g., substance abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide, inability to create or sustain relationships, etc., etc., etc.). What is their fate? What do the studies reflect? I am talking about the survivors that do not repeat abuse on others. Too bad people don’t listen and the abuse still occurs and probably always will.. I personally know many that have survived it and the damage is irreparable…ithe painful journey down memory lane is constantly invoked and never goes away and is integrated into their psyche..

  32. Eric  •  Aug 17, 2006 @4:27 pm

    Kelly….it looks like you are one of these people who see black helicopters everywhere at night…and with a huge ego too….Why don’t you start your own blog with Jerry….
    Furthermore,when you say “And about the grandmothers being profiled, your true colors are being shown by your proclivity to harass lil old grandmas.
    “, you just twist and distort what I said and that was: we should not waste time on searching a 6 yo african American or a 60 yo Swedish grand ma but focus on MiddleEasterner!
    The difference between a Jerry and you and a George and I is that we don’t go around bragging on how much more intelligent we are….we just call an idiot “idiot” when we see one….:-)
    Do you walk around with an aluminum foil over your head to prevent the CIA from using its mind reading-brain washing program on you?
    Obviously you use the Internet and are not afraid of “big brother”… :-)
    Another tip, man! Watch out for cable TV….GEW has full access to your living room and can see and hear you!

  33. Eric  •  Aug 17, 2006 @4:38 pm


    I am glad you think that way! Yes it is a few Muslims that make a lot of noise, kill a lot of people all over the world (mostly other Muslims), and make the news. Where are the moderate like you? Never to be seen or heard, marching against, reporting to law enforcement nor fighting the one that give your religion and the Muslim world a bad name.

    Furthermore, and again for people who like to twist what I say in plain and simple English (should I try French, German or Spanish instead???), where did I say what you just wrote: “Because a few Muslims are trying to kill Americans mean that we should assault all Muslims? Such an educated assessment of what is happening around you, guys.”

    Show it to me please and I will apologize! Because I never said assault….there is a difference between “profiling” and “assaulting”. If somebody made an “educated statement”, that is you….not me!

    Flying is not a constitutional right….Travelling across the States of the US is. It certainly not means flying!

    For the past thitry years (are you going to debate me on that?) Muslim extremists or Arabs have used airplanes and terrorism against the Western world, mostly America. For the past thirty years, moderate have kept it quiet, not showing the other side of your world. Your bad, not mine!

    Southern Lebanese people and the Lebanese government have left a foreign integrist Muslim armed group take over half of their country to wage a proxy war against Israel….their bad….than they complained about their country paying the biggest human and material cost…
    Two sides everywhere: against or with me! That is it…no grey area allowed in a war!!!

  34. Jerry  •  Aug 17, 2006 @5:32 pm

    WHAT IS UP WITH THE FRENCH AGAIN??? During the war between Israel and the freedom fighters in Lebanon, France took the high road by condemning Israel and the U.S., calling for a cease fire and promising to spearhead troops (by sending thouands of fighters) to go into Lebanon to intervene and stop the war.

    So they called France’s bluff by agreeing to a cease fire to allow France’s troops to lead the charge among troops from other smaller countries. Now FRANCE has declined to send their fighters to Lebanon; instead, they want to send a hundred admistrative military people to stop a war. There we go again. The French at its best. Who can depend on the French? NO ONE!!!

    Eric, just because a few people study French in school or drink French wine, or visit France, does not mean that Americans like you and respect you; we tolerate you because we are a civil people. You must be mad to think that American like and respect the French. let me prove my point. Anyone out there in BlogLand who is fond of the French, send in a post that say you do. Let us see how many responses you receive to this request.

    Jerry Saxz

  35. jessica stephens  •  Aug 17, 2006 @5:35 pm

    good reading eric..both article and comments…

  36. Hope  •  Aug 17, 2006 @5:39 pm

    What you all are proposing here is wrong. Profiling is not only wrong, it does not work. You all are trying the “wag-the-dog” tactics from the movie. Just today, a Federal Judge struck down Bush’s Surveillance Program as being unconstitutional. The same way that profiling is unconstitutional and unAmerican. Bush needs to enbrace the peoples of the world if he wants peace; instead, he isolate us with a few friends like Israel. Stop your RAMBO attitudes that you all have on this blog and see the world for what it is: PEOPLE.

    Hope Johnson
    New York

  37. Omar  •  Aug 17, 2006 @5:46 pm

    Eric, when people profile, it leads to an assault on the person. One does not have to “strike” another in the face for it to be an assault. It merely has to be a threat for it to be an assault. So, when one feels threatened by the government because of his/her race, religion, sex, orientation etc, it feels like an assault.

    What would you and your friend George do when white men and women are recruited to blow up stadiums and malls in America? Start profiling all the white men and women in America? I doubt it.


  38. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @5:58 pm

    Omar… you said “Because white people enslaved my ancestors mean that I should go around assaulting white people everywhere?” Exactly to whom are you referring to? Could you identify what “white” people have enslaved “your ancestors” and who are the “ancestors”? And when?

    “Because a few Muslims are trying to kill Americans mean that we should assault all Muslims?” No, not Muslims for Muslim’s sake - But we should not only assault but kill all terrorist until they surrender and no longer try to kill us… if most of them are Muslim then so be it… kill those that are Muslim, liberals, christians, jews or hindus - a terrorist of any religious faith helping, aiding or attacking us… kill them too… kill the enemy until they are vanquished and surrender. Then negotiate a peaceful existence!

  39. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @6:07 pm

    Eric… why do you even read Jerry’s postings? He has got to be one of the dumbest people to post on this blog. His lack of intellect is really detracting. I stopped reading them a while back… I just pass over them quickly - I scroll down as fast as I can so that I don’t see any words - then I don’t have to worry about seeing something so stupid that I feel compelled to respond… I did slip up though and saw the ignorance he displayed about profiling and LAW…. will try not to make that mistake again…

    You - and any other intelligent person - should try it… :o

  40. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @6:14 pm

    Omar… you are incorrect on that issue… as a retired police officer I can tell you white people are profiled as well as blacks, hispanics, asians… or any race that is participating in specific criminal conduct you are focusing on or trying to prevent… trust me on this… if white men or women were blowing up buildings (like Timothy McVey or other white supremist) not only would they be profiled but are… the difference is that when white people are profiled the liberals and liberal press does not go ballistic due to their white guilt…

  41. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @6:24 pm

    Hope… yes it is true ONE liberal activist judge appointed by the liberal Jimmy Carter, one of the most incompetent presidents in US history, did “strike down” FISA law… her decision will most likely be appealled.

    Hope, I noticed you did not mention that it was the same laws Clinton used and did not mention Clinton’s use of the Echelon program which was more aggressive and intrusive than the FISA laws…

    Also, this ONE federal district court judge in the Eastern District of Michigan is now subject to appeallate decisions… so before you do your victory dance lets see if she is over ruled by the appellate courts or the Supreme Court… if you win there then do your victory dance along with terrorist because they know it will be easier to plan and complete terrorist attacks on US civilians on our soil…

  42. Eric  •  Aug 17, 2006 @7:35 pm

    are you kidding us! Jerry is just stating opinions….he is as hollow as a drum, and beats as loud as one!
    Any uneducated idiot can come up with statements like “Can you name five Americans who like the French? ” and “You tried to refute my assertion that most peole are against profiling.” or”I am here to teach you a lesson or two”.
    Visit the archives, other opinions from your idol and please, point ONE contribution he made that is not an opinion….

    A good summary available and please, notice how civil he is with women….he is our village idiot….we keep him around because he amuses us!

  43. Isabella  •  Aug 17, 2006 @7:36 pm

    I have been following this blog because of its varying views on world affairs and because I somehow manage to learn things from the writers. I do not often agree with Jerry but he is a man who believes in what he believes in and has the courage to make his views known. One has to respect a person for his convictions. I do not always agree with you either George, but you are passionate about what you write and also in your convictions. You seem to be enticing Eric, and perhaps others, not to partake in the dialogue with Jerry simply because you disagree with him. Now if he was being mean and nasty I would certainly agree. But he is not; just a counter-pucher with you and Eric. You should be “macho” enough to take on Jerry “mano-y-mano” in the arena of ideas and words. I may be out of line with my writing but that is not my intent; I am an outside observer who want to learn. Thank you.

    Isabella Arroyo


  44. Eric  •  Aug 17, 2006 @7:47 pm

    Isabella….Jerry has never provided ANYTHING to the blog but ranting and opinions. We respect anybody that debate and bring some references, articles, facts to back up whatever he/she claims. As I told Mystique, go back in the archives and point out one link, reference, article, historical fact, verifiable allegation….anything! He is just another empty drive by blogger that call us name.

  45. Eric  •  Aug 17, 2006 @8:10 pm

    Lionel….I am sorry is profilling leads to assault. It should not.
    In the meantime, if tomorow a serial rapist attacks women in the street of Sacramento, if he is red haired, tall fat caucasian driving a white classic Mustang, wouldn’t it make sense for cops and other law inforcement agencies to MOSTLY target red haired tall fat white men. According to the ACLU, that is profiling and illegal. Not in my book!
    Jerry like people have spilled their anti-French feelings for as long as I have been here…but he does not call it profiling. People have targeted me with hateful messages for some of my publications and my wife believes that one day we will be “firebombed”! :-)

    So, many the word “profiling” has been taken out of its context by ignoramuses. Would criminal profiling fit better?

    I quote: “The Criminal Profile: This is the process of providing a list of background, physical, and behavioural characteristics of the perpetrator. In the FBI model, this stage may also involve providing the requesting agency with directions on how to most appropriately interview the individual. This stage would also inform investigators how to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.”

    Background: Middle East or Mosques where hatred spilling Imams are protected by the laws of our open societie.
    Physical characteristics: young male or female, Middle Easterner, Muslim
    Behavorial: traveling a lot, links to radical countries, Imams or documented suspects….

    Call it what it is….right now we are not looking for African Americans from the “Nation of Islam” (not even recognized as Muslims by the Muslim world), nor Irish terrorists for the IRA, nor Corsicans from the FLN.
    When that time comes, and it will, (one British plotter is the son of a politician that converted 9 months ago), the profiling criterias will change!

    “What would you and your friend George do when white men and women are recruited to blow up stadiums and malls in America? Start profiling all the white men and women in America?”

    We would hopefully what we are doing now and do it to everybody …everybody will go through the same security controls but with an emphasis on people we cannot run background check on, people who politically or cuturally fit the profile of these white criminal….and if you are innocent but fit the profile….your bad…Don’t travel or go to the game!
    Right now, because we don’t want to profile, we have this huge open net and we harass everybody for fear of hurting the feelings of the few.

    Again, moderate Muslims would be more active fighting the terrorist within their ranks or helping us fight them, showing us they believe in what we believe, the “assaults” would never take place and John and Jane Doe would know the difference between an Indian and an Arab!

  46. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @8:30 pm

    Isabella… you are not out of line… not at all!! You were honest in your opinion and as an opinion there is no need for a factual bases. It helps but is not necessary. I accept your opinion as such and really don’t mind it at all. I enjoy the opportunity to a dialogue.

    I have expressed my opinion about Jerry to Eric before and have, as you say “enticed” him not to dialogue with him… Not really. It is my way of sharing with Eric that I agree with his assessment of Jerry’s lack of intellectual honesty and moronic lunacy… entice Eric, I don’t think so… as you can see, I don’t control Eric…

    Isabella you said this… “I do not often agree with Jerry but he is a man who believes in what he believes in and has the courage to make his views known.”

    I would disagree with your conclusion. Jerry has not expressed any independent thoughts or beliefs.. he is nothing more than a liberal parrot… nor has he demonstrated courage. If you had been following this blog you would see that Jerry is dishonest, plagiarizes consistently, and is factually inaccurate on the so-called views he expresses. (As Eric as established time and time again)

    It is not an issue of as you say, “being “macho” enough to take on Jerry “mano-y-mano” in the arena of ideas and words”. Doing so would ad a semblance of credibility to the ideas of an ignorant idiot. It is an issue of time, priorities and credibility. I do not have the time to waste on someone like Jerry. I believe the axiom that if you catch someone in a lie thereafter their credibility is suspect. Jerry has been caught in so many lies and inconsistencies I personally don’t believe anything he says and don’t care to engage him in the arena of ideas. I choose to dialogue with intellectually honest people who at least demonstrate a little independent thought, whether or not they agree with me. You can and Eric can… I choose not to waste my time.

    On courage… it does not take courage to shoot your mouth off on some blog. Tell me Isabella, what risk is he taking here that requires courage?

  47. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @8:36 pm

    Isabella… what is sad is this ignorant fool as once again taken an important issue off track… who really cares about the rantings of a moron?

    What do you think about the idea Eric addressed in the article? Do you think we are at risk of losing our freedoms?

    Do you think Islamic Fundamental terrorist are the current enemy?

    How do you think we should respond to this threat?

  48. George  •  Aug 17, 2006 @8:56 pm

    Eric… you mentioned the ACLU says profiling is illegal… just a reminder the Supreme Court disagrees with them… check out the 3 cases I gave to Sasha…

  49. Linda Theobald  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:13 am

    Wow, this has been an exciting string of comments.

    I have a daughter getting ready to fly off to college. I am concerned for her safety, not because of terrorism, but just being a nervous mom sending her child off in an airplane.

    But because of recent events, we have to be at the airport 3 hours early, and will have to say goodbye at the ticket counter. We can sit out in the parking lot and wave goodbye to her plane but that is it.

    And you know what, I am ok with that. Our country is resilient and adaptable. If terrorism makes things difficult for the rest of us, we live with it. If criminals are in our neighborhood, we fight it. If violence threatens us, we strive above it to the best of our ability.

    We don’t cower away and cry, we don’t whine about how things should have, could have. We discuss options, opinions and ideas until the voice is strong enough to influence the people running our country. But we do it with facts and figures at that time. Opinions are never strong enough against facts.

    Jerry, give us facts. Don’t give us opinions. Do some research, think about what you really believe in and make us believe. All I see is what others have stated, you do enjoy repeating others without any real ideas of your own.

    Eric, I agree with you we should be targeting suspected terrorists, and we should be looking for certain types of individuals. But what do you do when it is white Supremisists, or White Americans for Islam, or whatever the terrorist flavor of the month is. What we should be doing is making sure we are securing our borders, as you did state in your article. Instead of beefing up security at the Mall of America, we should be hiring people with master’s degrees in criminal justice, forensic science and criminal science to monitor airport security as well as checkpoints at our land and seaport borders. We should try to keep the terrorists out, and eventually we may have a sense of peace. Thank you for the blunt but succinct article.

  50. Tuesday  •  Aug 18, 2006 @4:09 pm

    The idea that high explosive can be made quickly in a plane toilet by
    mixing at room temperature some nail polish remover, bleach, and Red
    Bull and giving it a quick stir, is nonsense. Yes, liquid explosives
    exist and are highly dangerous and yes, airports are ill equipped to
    detect them at present. Yes, it is true they have been used on planes
    before by terrorists. But can they be quickly manufactured on the
    plane? No. This is all a hoax by Bush to perpetuate his war against terrorism.

    Tuesday Williams

  51. Omar  •  Aug 18, 2006 @4:29 pm

    George, if I am African American and I spoke of my ancestors being enslaved, surely you could not be that dense as to ask me, “Could you identify what “white” people have enslaved “your ancestors” and who are the “ancestors”? And when?” Sir, if you do not know your own history, and if you are unaware of the slavery that took place in this country, I will not be the one to teach you about it.

    Omar True

  52. Kasey  •  Aug 18, 2006 @4:37 pm

    What is so wrong with Jerry’s response to you all. Just like you, he should have an opinion to share with all. Most of what is written here are opinions and most of them, I have heard before. You all are not that original.

    Kasey Reserve

  53. David  •  Aug 18, 2006 @4:50 pm

    Eric, I imagine that it must be a tough time for your family since your wife is a flight attendant. I wish her well and safety. I can understand an unruly person being taken down on any airline in flight. But the government spread the word that it was a woman with vaseline, screw drivers and notes to al quaeda. I believe that she had a screw driver but the terrorism scare that came out from the government was a stretch. And that is what I am arguing.

    Davd Harmony
    San Fran

  54. Jerry  •  Aug 18, 2006 @4:57 pm

    I keep hearing from Eric and his friend, Georgy, that I only speak opinions and not facts. My facts are so obvious, I am not sure what else to say. Is it not a fact that the French is waffling about sending troops to Lebanon? Then visit for today’s news. You ask for proof of Americans who hate the French. Even your dear friend George made fun of the French in earlier posts. I still have not had anyone responded that they like the French. In the poll that I took, everyone has a dislke for the French.

    Jerry Saxz

  55. Jerry  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:02 pm

    Eric, you posted comments that I made, and the names I called others. Fair enough, and I agree that I made those comments, some of which might not have been kind. But you did not post Georgy’s comments and name callings to myself and thers, to which I responded. Is that fair enough to you?

    Jerry Saxz

  56. Sasha  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:13 pm

    I am not so sure if I agree with you George. Of course, if the police is looking for a car driven by four black men who just commited a murder, then I agree that all black men driving around in a car would be “profiled” or looked at with suspicion. But can a police just pull over a black man driving an expenssive BMW just because the police “profiled” him as a person who sells drugs and drive expensive cars? You see where I am coming from on this? And if any black men out there are offended, I only used the black man as an example and nothing else.

    Sasha Perkins

  57. Kim  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:16 pm

    Go Jerry…you are certainly a fighter. Do not let Eric or George take you down. They are afraid of you and want to silence you. They hate strong men like yourself. I am willing to bet that if you rolled over and played deaad, they would be estatic.


    San Francisco

  58. Eric  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:28 pm

    Tuesday….I guess you are an expert….me too….give me a tupperware, some …, a battery, 2 small …, and I build you an atmospheric pressure trigger for any kind of explosives…5 minutes, 10 bucks, Rayleys, allowed in airplanes…for a little more at Lowes or Home Depot, I ‘d purchase other things that mixed together would be highly unstable but sufficiently explosive to do damages.
    Give me a wine bottle, 3 sticks of wood, a handful of “plastic’ explosive and I make a shaped charge able to pierce the front armor of a WW2 era tank…
    All this “know how” is all over and I did not invent it. Former military I implemented it. You are soooo innocent, a lamb in the slautherhouse.
    I guess Bush has a lot of airline crew members and pilots, on top of terrorist, on his payroll! :-)

    George….I know, I just wanted to mention WHO is against that or anything to protect us!

    Linda….thank you…tell you what, if tomorow, the guys who want to harm us are red neckish toothless skinny bearded people driving pickup trucks with a gun rack and a couple of dogs in the back, I would want the same exact profilling from law enforcement. That just make sense. Don’t stop all the Lexus or SUV…don’t stop every five cars or every license numbers starting with “b”….target all the vehicles or people that fit the darn profile….and to bad if the innocent one feel harassed….not my fault nor my problem. If the criminals only drive luxury cars and wear bow ties, let’s go after them, focus on people fitting the dangerous profile.
    Do I make sense?

  59. Eric  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:34 pm

    David….thank you and yes it is tough…only last Wednesday did she gather enoug guts to watch Flight 93….
    The crew mmbers have all the right to be on the edge, all latitude to take any measure they want if anything crazy or suspicious occur (another airplane landed in Italy today because of a potential bomb on board. They are not on the US gov payroll to work Bush’s poll up. They fear for their lives, know what a joke our security is, have already paid a hbig price in blood for the past thirty year and won’t let anybody tell them they are fine if they feel otherwise. The rest is normal procedure when one doesn’t really know what happens in the airplasne that reported a problem (remember, one third of us still believe that airplanes were actually re-routed int the WTCand Pentagon): higher alert, ready to shoot plane down, etc, etc….
    The media takes it from there with the spin and the results we know.

  60. Eric  •  Aug 18, 2006 @5:46 pm

    Kim…I believe that if Jerry can get away with it, I can too….right? Because you support him and you are fair minded….so let me try to be Jerry for a sec….Kim, shut up woman!
    Gee….I did it and it feel good….don’t have to think….another Jerryade:
    Name five French or European that like Americans….
    See….I did it again….nice and easy…my brain is idling…..
    Kim….we still don’t know zip about Jerry: man or woman, kid or adult, educated or not….so please, don’t drag the word “fighter” in the dirt….as far as I know there are a couple of people who had a professional fighting life…their Bio is available…The only thing Jerry had fought so far, until he shows otherwise, is a disturbing puberty….Just look at the maturity of the guy! If anything, I hope this bl;og will contribute to a long and fruitful relationship between the two of you…Maybe you will also figure out how to start your own blog! :-)

    Finally, as George said, he does not control me and does not really appreciat French….That should show you that we are our own person and stand for our own things. We have clashed many times before, but respect each other because we can have some kind of elevated DEBATE, with, again, facts, links, references, other food for the brain….I am my own mouth piece and don’t have to parrot any line, PC or not. I don’t have to be PC….I am not American…..And don’t hate me because if I don’t like it here anymore, I have the option to go back anywhere in the EU!

  61. George  •  Aug 18, 2006 @7:19 pm

    Omar… if you are saying you’re a black American and your ancestors were Africans… then my apology for mistaking your heritage…

    But that does not change a few facts…

    1. I have never owned a slave and no one in my family as far back as we can determine ever owned a slave.

    2. Do you hold your African brethren and Arabs responsible for selling your ancestors into slavery?

    3. Sir I am aware of slavery that took place in this country 150 YEARS AGO… I am also aware of the war fought that ended it, fought mostly by WHITE people and resulted in the deaths of over 250,000…

    4. Sir are you aware of the Black Africans and Muslims and Arabs that are enslaving blacks today??? Do you give them a pass because they are not white Christians??

    5. And how many centuries do you plan on whining about what occurred 150 YEARS ago… there comes a point in time that you can no longer use that excuse for failure… the successful blacks in today’s society have given that one up long ago… only losers continue that diatribe…

    6. Regarding America slavery 150 YEARS ago… get over it!!! How about focusing on fighting the slavery that is occurring today? How about addressing the slavery your black welfare pimps like Jesse Jackson are perpetrating on your people in the ghettos and inner cities… enslaving them to entitlements and the liberal government slave master…

  62. George  •  Aug 18, 2006 @7:27 pm

    Sasha… police (and common non-police people) profile every minute of every day… whether you admit it or not you profile every day… for exampel; people you feel uncomfortable about so avoid, people you feel comfortable about and approach

    for example - a white guy 22-25 yrs old; driving a new beamer in a black ghetto noted for trafficking drugs… the police will profile this guy as a buyer or seller of drugs and will continue to focus on him until they develop cause to stop and search…

    The big liberal lie is people are stopped simply for race… that simply is not true - rarely is a person - black/white/asian/arab/ or whatever stopped simply for being whatever… profiling is focusing on race-dress- behavior-location… etc

  63. Omar  •  Aug 18, 2006 @11:27 pm

    George, you wrote, “And how many centuries do you plan on whining about what occurred 150 YEARS ago…” A great man named Santayana once said “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

    You also wrote, “Do you hold your African brethren and Arabs responsible for selling your ancestors into slavery?” Does that make it right George? Just another white man’s justification for their behavior in condoning slavery.

    And I can go on and on…

    The point is George, it happened and whether or not you personally participated, it happened and we should not allow it to happen again. Ask any black man or woman who are constantly “profiled” on a daily basis because of the color of their skin. They were also profiled during slavery and after slavery; making it impossible for us to move anywhere after 6pm; cannot be in groups of more than two, cannot chat under a tree with more than two, etc. Now, can you tell me you understand how it feels to be profiled, George?

    Omar True

  64. Kim  •  Aug 18, 2006 @11:32 pm

    Eric, I do not believe that Jerry is incorrect with his assertion that Americans do not like the French. You are playing on words my friend. Not because he used a number such as five, means that there are only five people. Are you wiling to refute that Most Americans dislike the French? Then show Jerry and the other readers that the statement is untrue. Show us some statistics that says Most Americans do favor the French.

    San Fran

  65. Sasha  •  Aug 18, 2006 @11:41 pm

    Come on now George, are you saying that Blacks and Mexicans are not disproportionately profiled and stopped than whites? George, I am as white as snow and I I have personally seen blacks being stopped and harassed while myself and friends are allowed to drive on by. You must be the only person in America who does not feel that minorities are unjustly and unfairly treated in the criminal justice system, beginning with profiling. Now I know that you are ridiculous.

    Sasha Perkins

  66. Gooding  •  Aug 18, 2006 @11:45 pm

    Jerry, man you have my support in your efforts in taking on those hostile, right-winged republicans, Eric, George and Linda. What else did you expect from those folks; a decent dialogue? Look at the way they treat you. It is a good thing that you have a very good left hook because you keep knocking them out all the time. Keep up the good work.

    Gooding DaCosta

  67. Eric  •  Aug 18, 2006 @11:45 pm

    Kim…you guys are so easy…it reminds me on my piece on “allegations”…
    Today the concept of being innocent until proven guilty has been dumped in the trash and anybody can allege anything and it is the responsibility of the ACCUSED to clear his/her name….
    The same goes here…Jerry came up saying that Americans hate French AND i MUST PROVE HIM WRONG when it is just his opinion until he comes forward with some statisitics…so, one word for you guys: at least three actually: take a hike!
    You are so funny! Do you re-read what you come up with….from time to time? :-)

  68. Eric  •  Aug 18, 2006 @11:52 pm

    I lived 7 month in two of the poorest countries of the world …and they hasppened to be African. African Americans are the wealthiest “black people” and are presented with the most opportunities. Sure, slavery existed….Indians owned the lands…your ancestors were enslaved and their ancestors were slaughtered, survivors parked in reservations….tough!
    If you have excuses for the many who don’t succeed because of the past, racism and profiling, what are the excuses for the one who overcome these obstacles and actually succeed? Aren’t they better than the one who keeps on crying over past injustice?
    Maybe you guys should all call each other AMERICANS, and not African this, Native that, Islander those, etc…etc…
    That would be a start!

  69. George  •  Aug 19, 2006 @1:36 am

    Omar… First where did I say or imply that I condone slavery? I challenged you on ONLY criticizing whites for slavery! I have always opposed slavery… that occurred 150 years ago and is still occurring today.

    On repeating History… Mr. Santayana was an accomplished philosopher, but was not the only one to have said that… that wisdom has been repeated throughout history…
    So, are you saying that because I think it is ridiculous for you to use the old worn out slavery excuse for black failure that I am condoning slavery?
    Am I condoning slavery because I also think that those of you that can not rise above the tribulations of life are doomed?

    Omar you’re deflecting… You did not answer the question… Do you hold your African brethren and Arabs responsible for selling your ancestors into slavery?
    And no need to go on an on… just demonstrate the intellectual courage to answer the question… A simple yes or no would suffice.

    “Ask any black man or woman who are constantly “profiled” on a daily basis because of the color of their skin.” OK if you ask any white man in a black neighborhood that is profiled by the blacks… or Mexican in an Asian neighborhood… or need I go on and on…

    So what’s your point… life is tough and you need an excuse for failure?

    Personally I don’t care how you or they “FEEL”. I am only concerned that you have the same access to the “opportunity” to succeed as I do… whether or not you achieve success is on you. I’m just tired of the losers continuing with that same old my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents were slaves that is why I am a failure excuse…

  70. George  •  Aug 19, 2006 @1:38 am

    Sasha… yep, that is what I am saying. Depending on where you are and the nature of the problem… I have “personally” profiled and stopped whites as blacks – or Mexicans – or Asians, etc. drove by and profiled each of the listed races while the others have driven by…

    And if you cared to do any research I think that you would find that I am not the only person in America that does not “THINK” (what’s feeling got to do with it?) that minorities are unjustly or unfairly treated in the criminal justice system… privileged treatment in the US justice system is not based on the color of race but on the color of money and celebrity status… just ask O.J.

    I do not suffer White Guilt like you and the compassionate liberals!!! I would suggest you read some the writings of accomplished black authors like Walter Williams. Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas… or try White Guilt by Shelby Steele… or if that is too long try this article for another point of view… White Guilt and the Western Past; Why is America so delicate with the enemy?

    This country, its government and its many different peoples are imperfect… but the best in the world…

  71. George  •  Aug 19, 2006 @1:38 am

    Linda… well said

  72. George  •  Aug 19, 2006 @1:43 am

    Eric… my man… you noticed I do not appreciate the French… :o you’re too funny!

    by the way… I am hearing the French are having second thoughts about going into Southern Lebanon… Now I admit I only heard on the unreliable and discredited American Liberal media (you the only source for Jerry and his liberal minions)… is that more of their misinformation or do they have it accurate for once?

  73. George  •  Aug 19, 2006 @4:01 am

    Omar… 2 more questions you ignored…
    Sir are you aware of the Black Africans and Muslims and Arabs that are enslaving blacks today?

    Do you give them a pass because they are not white Christians?

    I will ad this one… Will you say it is wrong for blacks, Muslims and Arabs to enslave others? Or is it only wrong for White Europeans and Americans to enslave blacks more than 150 years ago?

  74. Eric (fr)  •  Aug 19, 2006 @4:16 am

    Way to go guys….with friends like Jerry, the lib left will never take off….kind of running with the Kentucky and Ohio fried chickens instead of soaring like Eagles! :-)
    I am still waiting for “a decent dialogue”….we used to have many with smart lefties….did they all switch side in front of the intellectual misery of the Jerry-like? You can tell a man by his friend! Way to go Jerry!

  75. George  •  Aug 19, 2006 @4:35 am

    Sasha… Think about what you said here…
    But can a police just pull over a black man driving an expenssive BMW just because the police “profiled” him as a person who sells drugs and drive expensive cars? You see where I am coming from on this?

    No - I don’t see where you are coming from on this! You left a lot out… like location, time, environment… etc. ?

    Of course the police can… common sense says they should… and the US Supreme Court says they can… did you just ignore this case because you don’t like what the court held?

    United States v Weaver
    … the court addressed the concept of unpopularity or violation of “political correctness” that profiling incites.

    This is the most relevant sentence… read it, analyze it…
    The court held that “facts are not to be ignored simply because they may be unpleasant. The court wished it were otherwise, but take the facts as they are presented, not as they would like them to be.”

  76. Eric  •  Aug 21, 2006 @4:53 pm

    George: France and Lebanon:
    France, already commands the existing U.N. Military observers force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that would eventually form the backbone of the new force. President Jacques Chirac stated that he will only double France’s contingent of 200 troops. He also stated clearly that the whole point was not how many and when but WHAT FOR and that as long as the mandate would be blurry, he would be indeed reluctant to send more French troops to enforce a cease fire and figure out locally what to do. The mandate is a band aid, a quick fix to stop the conflict and send UN troops to replace Israeli forces. But it does not address anything else! France does not want to get involved in such a mess until things are clearer. Obiously, the US wants other to do it but is not committed to anything anyways…We had our truck bomb in Lebanon too….and about a 100 dead in Bosnia for lack of clear self defense/engagement rules from the UN…The French are not ready for more!

  77. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @6:12 pm

    Eric… seems like the liberal media left some information out… imagine that? I didn’t realize French already had troops there.

    As much as I hate to agree with you on the French, on this one your right. Boy would I like to blame the French on this, but then you know it’s all Bush’s fault. There was no war or hostilities in the world or the Mid East before Bush… according to Jerry and his liberal minions, the world under Clinton was peaceful and bright…

    There are several problems with this “so-called cease fire”

    Problem#1 - Ehud Omert is an Israeli Liberal… the military experts and many Israelis are very critical of his prosecuting the war… only an air war… afraid to commit troops to destroy the enemy, his timidness resulted in failure to defeat and destroy Hezbollah..

    Just a preview of what would happen with the American War on Terror under liberals and cowardly fools like Jerry and his liberal minions… liberal = defeat

    Problem#2 - the worthless and incompetent UN, led by the Clintonesque Criminal and Lord Field Marshal Kofi Anon. This jerk condems Israel for defending itself and gives Hezbollah a pass on starting this war and violating the cease fire…

    Problem#3 - the implementation of the terms of this so-called “cease fire” is a circus… proudly promoted by the liberal clowns in the UN..

    Gee Eric… why wouldn’t the French - or anybody else any brains (excluding ignorant fools like Jerry) want to get involved in this Liberal UN run “cease fire”? :o

  78. Jerry  •  Aug 21, 2006 @7:33 pm

    Have I stated my case with the FRENCH? Now you all would probably believe me when I say that France is a worthless, untrustworthy, backstabing, quasi ally of the United States. They opened their mouths and made promises that they knew they could not keeo and not willing to keep and above all, NOT CAPABLE of keeping. Now do you believe me when I say that the majority of Americans dislike the French?

    Jerry Saxz

  79. Gooding  •  Aug 21, 2006 @7:39 pm

    Hey, Eric. Seems like your good friend Jerry was on the ball, so to speak. Why has the French backed out of its promise? Only 400 peacekeepers that you can send after promising thousands? You spoke of UNIFIL. That too is a French led, no good outfit that cannot even fire their weapons. Now, Italy has decided to tke the lead with the peacekeeping forces that France ran away from. Now you all are screwing the Italians but they are more combative than Americans; they won’t take it lieung down. Que pasa?

    Gooding DaCosta

  80. Carleen  •  Aug 21, 2006 @8:57 pm

    George, Eric conned you on this one; either that, or you are not a deep thinker. How can you agree with him on the French issue as you so cleverly wrote?. The French has a few soldiers as a part of the UNIFIL contingency in Lebanon and most of the countries of the world know that the UNIFIL is like a toothless dragon. They have no power to stop Hezbollah and that is why France volunterred to be a part of that force.

    And, so what if they already have soldiers there? France took the lead in calling for the cease fire, promising to take the lead with the peacekeeping forces and also promising to send several thousands men. This was France’s crowning moment to clear its name from the Halls of Shame, but they could not do it. They lacked the backbone to do so. Now they are saying that they need a clear mandate. If they are given a “clear mandate” then they will ask for something else. Stop kissing Eric’s butt and tell him like it is.

    I agree with you that Olmert is a liberl sell-out and needs to go.

    Carleen Tobias

  81. Eric  •  Aug 21, 2006 @9:59 pm

    George: a new resolution is on the work with a clear mandate this time…

    “There will be another resolution coming out of the United Nations giving further instructions to the international force,” US President George W. Bush told a hastily announced press conference” about an hour ago!

    Jerry…you haven’t stated any case nor provided figures and statistics backing up your empty statements….beside showing hatred for the French on this blog, and other races or political parties on others, you are just underdelivering. Does your big mouth compensate for lack of other things? Have you ever been rejected by a French lady? :-)

    Gooding, where is the peace loving liberal Argentinia in the deal? Peanut gallery? I seat, watch and criticize? At least your country is contributing about 800 men in the UN…is it like Ghana? Just to milk the cow?——Argentina&whereClause=%20WHERE%20(DonorRepresentedCountryID=%20′9′%20)
    oooops! You play to milk….lots of people on payroll for nada! Third world country habit? Don’t cry for me Argentina, I will do better without your “help”!!! :-)

    Let see France….——France&whereClause=%20WHERE%20(DonorRepresentedCountryID=%20′72′%20)
    ooops! :-) We pay to play???

    34.000 overseas and 13.000 in PKO…

    For the rest: open your books and close your mouths! :-) Opinions again…quite boring and tiring to “educate” ignoramuses!

    Furthermore, maybe one among you will realize that the Ghana Bat was supposed to monitor the arera where Hezbollah deployed and rearmed, where Israeli took the land battle.

    So please, direct you criticisms to the third world countries that make the UN, if you dare! When I was in Cambodia, in 91, providing the Khmer their first ever election in 20 years, the Ghana bat, again, landed with no weapons, vehicles, uniform….nada, nothing. The UN and other nations provided them with the needed equipment, and eventually, they were so bad that they were removed from securing a full sector and put in chatrge of the capital city only. When they left Cambodia, they had containers and were trying to get awy stealing cars and other equipment. The UN tries to do what it has to fdo with what it has but at least it does try! Add to that misery of political correctness that opens it to wevery single country, the fact that the big five of the security council use it and abuse it when it serves their purpose, but bash it when it points out their own excesses, and you get a better picture. Do we need it? If you open your books, befor your big mouths, you will see that the UN is not just a rag tag military force trying to do the job countries have nothing to do with. It is made of dozens of agencies that do a great work! But one need to educate himself before seeing and accepting that! The Jerry like won’t see any of it!

    Jerry, if you cannot read, have somebody do it for you!

    By the way, this post shows what an opinion is compared to a backed up argumentation…

    George…I am tired of these people…and they can vote! Pity!!!

  82. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @10:39 pm

    Carleen… don’t get me wrong. Eric will be the first to tell you that I am not an avid supporter of the French on just about everything! However, Eric is right on this one.

    Yes, the French did lead the cause for this so-called cease-fire. And as usual seem to be surrendering in short order. Yes, they did not improve their image by supporting the so-called cease fire then not sending in several thousand troops…

    But do you blame them? I don’t. If I was Chirac I would not send my troops into Southern Lebanon with a sham of a cease fire, created by the clowns at the dysfunctional and worthless UN (and erroneously supported by Bush) which is no more a cease fire than the 1938 Munich agreement was a non-aggression treaty. Lebanon has already said it will not disarm Hezbollah and with this so-called cease fire already unraveling that is spelling diasaster for any country that is foolish enough to send “peace-keepers” into the area. I am not kissing Eric’s butt on this one… it just seems logical to me. Why should the French (or any country) put troops there to be shot at by both sides…

    The answer is let the Isreali crush the Hezbollah until they are no longer a capable fighting force… then negotiate a peace with Lebanon… then let the French put troops in the area to support the Lebanonese army…

    But Carleene, I will change my position on this and ask forgiveness for “kissing Eric’s butt” if could you offer a reasonable explanation to me why they, or anyone else, should put their troops in harms way before there is a effective cease fire?

  83. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @10:43 pm

    Sasha… is there any response to the information I provided on profiling, including racial profiling?

    Omar… you still have not answered the questions I posed to you?

  84. Eric  •  Aug 21, 2006 @10:44 pm

    By the way….more in English and in detail! You guys are not ready fopr a female Prez ,Hillarious included, but we have a female secretary of defense (as good lib you should applaud the effort!):

  85. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @10:49 pm

    Eric… looks like I am going to have give serious consideration to ever agreeing with you on any French matters… after disagreeing with you 99 of 100 times, the one time I do I am accused of “kissing your butt”… would not want anyone to think that.. :o

  86. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @11:03 pm

    Eric.. read your last post… from it I glean that Jerry is still shooting off his mouth with a plethora of statements void of facts and supported by nothing but the cavern of space between his ears… and his little brain dead minions are cheerleading from their seats in the mother ship… sad.

  87. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @11:09 pm

    Ok Eric… I read the cites you offered..
    Q - Do you really think the UN will develop a clear mandate for the force that will be placed in the region? One that will be adhered to?

    Do you think the force sent in will disarm Hezbollah? And if they don’t or can’t how long before the next war reignites?

  88. Carleen  •  Aug 21, 2006 @11:26 pm

    I would hope that you would leave Eric’s butt alone, George; I have an image of you as a “manly man.” The French was at the forefront of the ceasefire and knew what was being proposed before they began to “spout off” their mouths. They made a promise knowing what the consequences would be; they have lived up to their image as true world cowards and as people not to be trusted. I agree with you that the Israelis should have been allowed to finish off Hezbollah. But France wanted to be seen as magnanimous and brokered a deal, then backed out. Sorry George and Eric.

    Carleen Tobias

  89. Eric  •  Aug 21, 2006 @11:32 pm

    George…none of it will happen, of course, and Israel messed up trying to conduct a politically correct war….they should have gone strong and cleaned up the mess!

    In the meantime, I am still waiting for Jerry to list me the 299 million Americans minus 5 that hate the French and France! Interesting position because right now France is totally on the US liberal side!

    In the meantime, food for French lovers:

    Nota: it is not Ohio!
    not Revere and Decatur….you know who they are but this is for Jerry! :-)
    By the way….the FBI was also created by a French….Corsican actually

  90. George  •  Aug 21, 2006 @11:58 pm

    Carleen…. no real disagreement there… but according to the resource that Eric cited the French are “claiming” that they will fullfill their promise with troops when the UN provides a clear mandate… I read some of the resolution and it is confusing. There is no clear understanding of the mission for the inserted peace-keepers…
    If you accept that at face value then the French have a valid reason not to go in yet… if you don’t accept that at face value then of course you will see the French as just all talk … can’t say that I blame you on that either…

    Carleene, I am still interested in your opinion on the question… aside from the French bailing on this… could you offer a reasonable explanation for why any country should put their troops in harms way before there is a effective cease fire?

  91. Sasha  •  Aug 21, 2006 @11:59 pm

    George, I am not a policeman but you are one. You even sound like one. You are writing about the type of actions (MO?) that officers use to catch a thief. I am in agreement that people become suspicious if unusual activity occurs or is taking place. Of course, one would take into consideration, time, place, etc. What I am saying is that we cannot profile someone because of their color, religion, nationality, etc. That is wrong. Our Constitution precludes it. Now, if you can show me on paper, where that kind of behavior is permitted (not a cop’s behavior in catching a thief), I will apologize.

    Sasha Perkins

  92. Omar  •  Aug 22, 2006 @1:16 am

    George, I am sure where you are going on this one. You asked, “Sir are you aware of the Black Africans and Muslims and Arabs that are enslaving blacks today?” Of absolutely, I am aware of it.

    You also asked, “Do you give them a pass because they are not white Christians?” No George.

    You continued, “Will you say it is wrong for blacks, Muslims and Arabs to enslave others? Or is it only wrong for White Europeans and Americans to enslave blacks more than 150 years ago?” George, it is never right for anyone to enslave another human being, whether they are black or white.

    George, you are so bent on justifying the white man’s enslavement of the Africans, that you are making comparisons, and talking about the slavery that is going on in the world today. What you are doing is detracting and minimizing the slavery/slave trade that was carried out by white America and continued long after slavery was abolished. If you do not know what I mean, (share-cropping, being killed for wanting to vote or learning to read, the lynchings in the South, etc) find a good book and read up about what your ancestors did to mine. Are you supposing that slavery was a conspiracy theory, George? I am aware that white supremacists do not believe the Holocaust ever occured and is a Jewish conspiracy.


  93. Itzy  •  Aug 22, 2006 @1:20 am

    Hi Eric, have you heard that Iran has some significance to tomorrow’s date and are planning some sort of activity? That is why I am in support of profiling. We do it here all the time and no one complains. At least not yet; not until we become Americanized.

    Itzy Jacoba

  94. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @2:12 am

    Sasha… I am not looking for an apology. I am hoping I can help you with clarity on the issue.
    1. The US Constitution does not preclude… or even address it. Can you show me where the US Constitution says the government cannot profile. And remember the constitution only refers to the limitation or restriction of government conduct.

    2. I have showed you twice where the US Supreme Court has said government can profile… cited 3 cases (and they are printed on paper) where the court “Permits” profiling… including racial profiling…
    Sasha… these are the quotes in the case US v Weaver… the court upheld the conviction of a defendant stopped pursuant suspicions that included a racial profile… the court addressed “the concept of unpopularity or violation of ‘political correctness’ that profiling incites… facts are not to be ignored simply because they may be unpleasant. The court wished it were otherwise, but take the facts as they are presented, not as they would like them to be.”

    Why is it you seem to be unable to accept the US Supreme Court decision upholding racial profiling?

  95. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @2:33 am


    Why is it LIBERALS are incapable of answering questions that require the existence of core convictions? In typical LIBERAL fashion you deflect the issue… minimizes the issue… while erroneously accusing me of deflection, deflect and REFUSE to ANSWER any of the questions I asked.

    What does your lame diatribe have to do with the questions I asked… let’s try it again and see if you have the intellectual courage to answer them?

    It is a historical fact black Africans and Arabs sold other black Africans into slavery…
    1. Do YOU hold your African brethren and Arabs responsible for selling your ancestors into slavery?

    2. Was it wrong for blacks, Muslims and Arabs to sell them into slavery 150 years go? Is it wrong for them to sell them into slavery today? Or is it only wrong for White Europeans and Americans?

    3. Are you aware of the Black Africans and Muslims and Arabs that are enslaving blacks today? Do you give them a pass because they are not white Christians?

    Just because I am tired of you old worn out “I am a failure because my ancient ancestors were slaves” does not mean I am justifying slavery. What it means is you use slavery to justify your failures!!!

    Now Mr. Liberal do something no liberal ever does… answer the questions!

  96. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @2:40 am

    OMAR… I just scanned your response again… DAM… upon rereading it I saw that I overread your answer. Tired eyes is no excuse.. I apologize… thank you for your answers… my last response to you is out of line…

    Now Understand…. I am not justifying slavery… This answer still holds on my opinion of blacks continuing to use the old worn out excuse… “I am a failure because my ancient ancestors were slaves” does not mean I am justifying slavery. What it means is slavery is used to justify failures!!!

    Again, Sorry Omar… I don’t know how I read over your answers to my questions!

  97. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @2:44 am

    Omar… if you are a liberal you are a rare breed… liberals rarely -if ever- answer questions put to them… I commend you whatever you persuasion… it is so dam refreshing

  98. Jerry  •  Aug 22, 2006 @5:15 am

    I am not sure what else to say to you folks on this blog regarding the French. OK, you win. Now show me how well the French is liked in America. Are you all that gullible? You even have Georgy agreeing that the French are good and decent people. What an easily led man.

    Jerry Saxz

  99. Cindy  •  Aug 22, 2006 @5:18 am

    The French has conned America again, just like they did to us in WWI and WWII. When are we going to learn that those people are dangerous, self-serving, and arrogant people who do not have the will to fight?

    Cindy Buckingham

  100. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @12:11 pm

    Cindy… I agree the French government is a slimy bunch of Clintonesque liars and con-artist. There is no difference between the French and the Clinton Administration, which was also full of… “dangerous, self-serving, and arrogant people who do not have the will to fight?” Clinton ran from every 3rd world war lord he faced, he refused to fight Al-Qaeda and terrorist, but did muster enough courage to stand strong against Haiti and the women he sexually assaulted in the Oval Office…

    I just think making blanket statements are inaccurate in reference to 100% of the targeted group… even the ones I make about liberals. I hate to admit it but I know that there are a few honorable liberals… (probably less that 10%) :o

    But, should the French people make a blanket statement about all Americans based on the pond scum character demonstrated by Bubba Clinton and Queen Hilarious? Should the world look at all Americans as cowards because the “I surrender liberal Democrats” want to be like the “I surrender French” and “cut and run” from Iraq just like Viet Nam and Mogadishu? Don’t forget bin Laden did and that is why he attack us on 9-11, he thought we were cowards and would not fight?

    I agree that the French government is a bunch of arrogant boobs but that does not mean that I agree that the thousands of “Free” French soldiers that died fighting Nazis in WWII, or the thousands that died in the fields of Viet Nam or deserts of North Africa, or barracks of Lebanon are cowards that are afraid to fight… I leave that designation for the moronic cowards like Jerry and his liberal minions…

    That would be like saying the brave US soldiers that died in Viet Nam and Mogadishu were afraid to fight… wouldn’t it?

  101. Eric  •  Aug 22, 2006 @4:16 pm

    Again, before bashing, go back there:

    France is a small country with one fifth of the US population and our military budget is a lot smaller too…
    Again, WW1 and WW2, Americans did not want to get involved…Isolationism was ruling…but political realism took over….
    In WW2, the Brits wouldn’t have had the Channel, they would have been invaded too…but you need to know your history before piping in…
    And by the way, the French won the battle of Yortown for you guys….and didn’t the Brits burn Washington?
    Finally, France has thousands of years of warfare to be accounted for…America, a couple of hundreds.
    …It is ike a teenager telling me that he knows better with no life experience….sure!
    I believe Churchill said it: “America always ends up doing the right thing after having tried everything else!”

    Finally, like most of the top UN contributoirs in $$$ and forces, France have been burned and sometimes humiliated by UN blurry mandates and P.C rules of engagement. We lost hundreds of soldiers because of that…In Cambodia, in 91, the ROE were not to fire unless fired upon….cool, if I survive your attempt to kill me I can defend myself….furthermore, mandates also often limit the maximum calibers of guns or types of armored vehicles….the UN does not want to “scare” people it wants to protect….cool too….especially when the opposing factions have everything, even tanks….
    But what do you know but the ten seconds subject matters you get every night during your TV dinner, growing a bigger a-s with fat junk food and lowering your IQ with the Simpsons.

  102. imogene  •  Aug 22, 2006 @6:20 pm

    go back to where you came from then you nasty a*******!

  103. Felicia  •  Aug 22, 2006 @7:35 pm

    You guys come off as so rightwinged, pro-American, conservatives, yet when it comes to the French, you all are a bunch of weenies. This tells me that you all are phonies and not real. I am a true blue, red-blooded American who believe in my country. And I am not going to let the French take advantage of me like it has done to most of you. It troubles me. The darn French are the ones who drafted the cease-fire agreement, knew what it meant, promised thousands of soldiers, promised to take the lead in the mission, then backed out, leaving Italy to face the fire, and America with egg on its face. All that you should say is that I am sorry for what France has done and I am not in agreement. You would come off as more of a man, Eric, George and the rest.

    Felicia Sergio

  104. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @8:25 pm

    Felicia… you got me thinking about the UN Resolution 1701… the cease fire joke… as much as I agree with you on the track record of the French, I wanted to check it out so I read up on the resolution…

    Everyone is screwing up on this one…

    I think Israel made Bush look bad, not the French. The current liberal Israeli government’s failure to commit the troops necessary to defeat Hezbollah blew up in Bush’s face that caused him to support this joke of a cease fire which is making everyone supporting it look weak and incompetent… read Rice’s comments

    This comment made by Douste-Blazy, French Minister of Foreign Affairs is a disaster for the future… I think the French sold the free world out on this one… “It also appeared essential to initiate a process to resolve the question of the delineation of the border, including the Shebaa Farms question, which was at the heart of the conflict. For the first time, a process was being initiated under the auspices of the Secretary-General to deal with that issue.”

    Allowing Hezbollah to raise this issue does more to harm Israel, US and the west than how many troops they commit… this legitimizes Hezbollah and its terrorist acts and rewards them for starting this war…

  105. Lisa  •  Aug 22, 2006 @10:21 pm

    Why is it that Democrats get along so well with the French? Because they like to “cut and run”…hehehe

    Lisa Busch

  106. imogene  •  Aug 22, 2006 @10:26 pm

    So now the Israeli’s are liberals?? you don’t know sh*t from Shinola! Freedom fries, freedom toast what a f*****ng joke. What iraq needs is an gratitude adjustment. The U.S. went in to make things better. Let’s hope it really doesn’t get ugly over there. Like jon says where are all the cards and flowers from the iraqis?

  107. Gerri Summerfield  •  Aug 22, 2006 @10:32 pm

    What a bunch of idiots you two are! You are horrible debaters as you have to resort to abusive language towards those that oppose you. Maybe one day you will wake up and come to your senses.

  108. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @11:29 pm

    Imogene… the current Prime Minister of Israel is Ehud Omert. He is the leader of the liberal party in Israel, much like Clinton was a liberal president and Bush is a conservative president. Omert behaved like a liberal in the way he prosecuted the war. Research the facts before you cuss us out…

    Cards and Flowers from Iraq?… the majority of the Iraq people are thanking us all the time. Ask US soldiers who have been there. Don’t rely on the “Lying Liberal Media”! It is positive news that the liberal media refuses to report. Remember when the Iraqi President went before congress and thanked Americans for our sacrafice and said how much the Iraqi people appreciated what the US has done… what did he get from liberal democrats, trash talk and disrespect… again do a little research before you trash talk…

  109. George  •  Aug 22, 2006 @11:34 pm

    Gerri… what you noticed is common for liberals. Wishful thinking on your part to think they will come to their senses… first they have to stop hating everything good America has to offer… stop hating President Bush… stop hating life… then maybe they can be reasonable.

  110. Gooding  •  Aug 23, 2006 @12:42 am

    Was Jerry right or not, Eric, george?


  111. Jarry  •  Aug 23, 2006 @12:48 am

    Hey now Gerri…they are the ones who started it. I had to defend myself against all of the Liberal bashing, then they could not handle it. Very glad that you picked up on that, Gerri. Thanks for being very observant and could tell right from wrong.

    Jerry Saxz

  112. Gerri Summerfield  •  Aug 23, 2006 @1:31 pm

    No problem Jerry, i could see that they could not handle it and that they are being eating alive by the liberals. I can also see the sarcasm in imogene’s remark. Apparently, that went right over their heads as well. Quite amusing, a gratitude adjustment as opposed to attitude adjustment. The iraqis are not grateful as we have created a far worse situation there. As for the troops, I don’t have any compassion for the military thugs that signed up. They chose that line of work and now they have to live with it.

  113. Eric  •  Aug 23, 2006 @7:53 pm

    Who’s Jerry from Ohio?
    Empty handed and empty headed, he still hides behind a screen name and cannot answer question or document postings.
    Drive by blogger! Again, Jerry forgot he came to this blog calling names, and now claims we started! Boooo….they started it mommy! :-)
    How old are you anyways? I’d say about 12….or 72 and senile!

  114. Eric  •  Aug 23, 2006 @7:53 pm

    Who’s Jerry from Ohio?
    Empty handed and empty headed, he still hides behind a screen name and cannot answer question or document postings.
    Drive by blogger! Again, Jerry forgot he came to this blog calling names, and now claims we started! Boooo….they started it mommy! :-)
    How old are you anyways? I’d say about 12….or 72 and senile!

  115. George  •  Aug 24, 2006 @6:21 pm

    Eric… you have just insulted 12 yr olds and 72 yr old senile senior citizens.. both have reasonable excuses for their ignorance

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