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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education. Philosopher Bertrand Russell

Stupid is as stupid does, what a great line! One of the rare times I will find agreement with Sen. John Kerry, Vietnam War Veteran that “reported for duty” when the Democrat Party nominated him to run for president, is when he recently claimed Democrat voters are stupid. True enough because about 48% of the voting public was stupid enough to vote for him. At least 50% were smart enough smart enough not to.

It seems on average about 45% of the voting public vote Democrat. Even the immoral and corrupt Skirt-Chaser-in-Chief Clinton won with about only 45% of the vote. So Sen. Kerry is accurate in that there are a large number of stupid Democrat voters. There is one little caveat, only about 40% (or less) of the total population vote in most elections. That means the other 60% are smart enough to admit that they are too uninformed on the candidates and issues and don’t vote at all. When you think about it there is a small silver lining in that only about 20% of the total population “think” they are smart and vote Democrat.

However, 2008 was an odd year. The Marxist Radical Obama duped another 7% of the voting population into being stupid enough to vote for him. His birth and academic history is still a mystery. We do know that he was a lawyer, activist trainer and community organizer. We do know that he had absolutely NO executive or business experience and it shows. He is an unmitigated disaster and America is paying the price for not vetting this inexperienced Marxist Community Organizer.

This raises and interesting question. How could so many people be so stupid? Curiosity about this phenomenon is not new. During the 2008 election Obama used his great uncle Charles Payne as a campaign prop. While the prop turned into another gaff by the smartest man in the world, it did offer and interesting perspective by Mr. Payne. In referencing his WWII experience with Nazi Germany he said, “I am puzzled by intelligent people who stand by and allow their country to be taken over and run by extreme radical types. I’m still somewhat puzzled by that. And I am fully aware that it could happen and has almost happened in this country…”

The Democrat Party is not 100% Marxist drones. I have many associates, co-workers and extended family that are Democrats and they are intelligent, educated and experts in various fields and in many ways, smart people. But you have to wonder how they can be so stupid, intellectually irrational, or as Thomas Sowell put it, willfully ignorant.

I think a possible answer can be found in the animal world. Thousands of species with much smaller and less developed brains have intelligence and can be trained to perform many simple to complicated task. Everything from lab rats to dogs, tigers to chimps, and so on has enough intelligence capabilities to be trained. And so it is with our Liberal Democrat species.

Many Liberals, Socialists or Marxists (whichever label they prefer), that predominantly gravitate to the Democrat Party, have been educated in various fields and professions and sufficiently trained to be competent and successful in their chosen domains or careers. Some are even considered experts. Unfortunately, liberals have not been taught how to use their critical thinking skills outside the comfort zone of their specific sphere of expertise. They have been successfully dumbed-down by liberal academia, liberal media and other influential Marxist. They have been so indoctrinated in Marxism (or Liberalism, or Statism) that they have lost the ability of critical thinking, researching, and weighing pros and cons, or exploring unintended consequences. Today’s Liberal Democrats have essentially had a critical thinking skills lobotomy. That explains when it comes to Democrats – Stupid is as Stupid Does.

George A. Torres, Jr George Torres

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Call me Victim!

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Call me victim!

“THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Two Yemeni men arrested on arrival from the United States on suspicion they may have been conducting a dry run for an airline terror attack were released without charge Wednesday after investigations turned up no evidence to link them to a terror plot, Dutch prosecutors said.“

There is a name for nice, sensitive, law abiding and gullible people like us, Americans: victims!

Two Yemenis travelling on their own, and allegedly not knowing each others, “missed” their flights to Amsterdam from Chicago via Dulles airport. They were both put on another direct flight to the Netherland by United Airlines. Interestingly, they both “missed” their original flight from Chicago after having registered their luggage. They both flew to Amsterdam without their luggage that could have been or were on their way to D.C unattended. Weird items like $7000 of cash, a box cutter, a knife, watches taped together and a cell phone taped to a bottle were eventually found and the two “innocent” travelers were held and eventually let go because they did not blow any airplane…yet. Also, for whatever reason, the weird content of their pieces of luggage or attitude did not have to be explained because it was not illegal.

What a crazy “foufou” world we are living in!

We go out of our way to practice sensitivity toward others, especially Muslims right now, without even demanding for them to be sensitive to OUR feelings.

I wonder what would happen to me if tomorrow I park my car containing a cell phone taped to an empty container in full view of the Folsom city hall! Explosive ordnance disposal teams would be called out. Black helicopters and FBI agents sent to my house. I would be taken to jail, presented to court and eventually charged with some terrorist threats despite the fact that there is nothing illegal in taping a cell phone to a box and running some wires to an empty container, right!

Like Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers of 9-11 did before striking the twin towers and the Pentagon, these two guys were checking our defenses. They were “sacrificed” to see how good or how bad we are, if we scan luggage, if we still fly them unattended, if we react to telltale clues of explosive devices.

It was a dry run, a test. This one has failed but how many other might have succeeded that could lead to the next attack?.

Remember 9-11 and remember that it is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

Eric Chevreuil Eric Chevreuil

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Let Them Eat Cake

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The Kenyan King and his not proud of America Queen Michelle Antoinette are living the good life while America struggles. King Obama’s real unemployment rate is around 20%. The deficit is $1.8 trillion and the national debt is said to be about $13.4 trillion, which is not true. The national debt exceeds $65 trillion. Yes, that is trillion not billion dollars. Creative government budgeting does not include the financial commitments of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other government welfare programs.

Tax and spend King Obama and his elitist court demand austerity and sacrifice from the American people to combat increasing debt. Yet, since assuming office he and his queen have taken ten vacations, four since the Gulf Oil Spill on April 20, 2010; have had 27 White House concerts and the “Kenyan King” has played at least 41 rounds of golf at various venues across the country and Canada.

Tax payer paid Obama vacations include:
· Feb 14, 2009; a four day vacation in Chicago for the Presidents Day holiday weekend including an extravagant dinner at Table Fifty-Two restaurant.
· May 30, 2009; a special “Date Night” in New York City
· Jun 8, 2009; a Michelle and daughters surprise European vacation in Paris and London that Queen Michelle justified as an educational excursion for the girls to coincide with King Obama’s official 65th D-Day anniversary trip to France.
· Aug 8, 2009; a week vacation in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona including visits to Yellowstone and Grand Canyon.
· Aug 20, 2009; an eight day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard including a stay at Blue Heron and a few days at Camp David.
· Sep 28, 2009; a quick trip to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago 2016 Olympics.
· Dec 25, 2009; a two week Christmas vacation in Hawaii.
· May 25, 2010; a four day Memorial Day weekend vacation in Chicago
· July 16, 2010; a three day vacation to Mt Desert Island, Acadia National Park, in Maine
· Aug. 4, 2010; Michelle and Sasha $375K vacation for five days in a luxurious 5-star resort in Marbella, Spain. Michelle and her entourage occupied 60 rooms and the big butt Michelle dined on extravagant meals after suggesting austere dieting for Americans.
· Aug 4, 2010; King Obama vacations “alone” in Chicago for his birthday and has his mutt and mutt walker flown from DC to Chicago, at tax payer expense.

Here is a few of the 27 White House concerts and Broadway shows:
· Feb 25, 2009; a Stevie Wonder concert
· Feb 10, 2010; a “Black History” concert including Smokey Robinson, Bob Dylan, Jennifer Hudson and others.
· Jun 2, 2010; the political and extravagant Paul McCartney Concert
· Jul 20, 2010; a Broadway show and music series.
· Jul 28, 2010; an “In Performance” produced by WETA and hosted by Queen Michelle

Other entertainers that performed for the Obama’s at the White House include Tony Bennet, Paul Simon, Marc Anthony, Herbie Hancock, Martina McBride, Queen Latifah, The Foo Fighters and Faith Hill to name a few. When you consider cost for appearances, professional equipment, sound engineers, stages, lights, etc; add liquor, food, security, invitations, all the support and service staff the estimated cost to tax payers exceed $75K per event.

And the Marxist messiah has only been in office 18 months. How many Americans would like to take as many vacations? Want to bet that 15 million Americans would be happy with a job. Yet, the Kenyan King, his queen and bungling incompetent court proclaim to be working hard for Americans. Really, and just when is all this work happening? Is there enough time for work between vacations, concerts, golf and a grueling work day that doesn’t start until at 9:30am? There must be for a community organizer with no executive experience.

If you accept Obama is an extreme narcissist, then excessive vacations and entertainment makes sense. Remember when the Narcissistic Hypocrite-in-Chief expressed his “Hate America First” views and lectured us to change our life style. Obama said, “We can’t drive our SUVs, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times, whether we’re living in the desert or we’re living in the tundra, and then just expect every other country is going to say OK, you guys go ahead keep on using 25% of the world’s energy, even though you only account for 3% of the population, and we’ll be fine. Don’t worry about us.” Obama prescribes this austerity for average working Americans but not for the elitist Obama’s.

George A. Torres, Jr George Torres


Racial tensions in Oakland: Are African Americans the victims of white racist cops?

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It has been a week since my last blog where I suggested that the “civil rights” riots in Oakland were mainly an excuse for many for looting and shopping. Similar other famous events in LA or New Orleans have shown that African American rioters were more likely to loot their neighborhoods and be in a shopping frenzy mode running away with a loaded shopping cart than chant holding hands in front of a court room.

I hate to pass for a stereotyping kind of guy but white anti-globalization or nature lovers, peace mongers, liberals and anarchist seem to like the burning and fighting the cops best…but don’t loot.

Asians march and stand peacefully.

African Americans, or too many among them, like to go for free shopping.

Anyways, I was called all the name possible for even saying that. I was threatened and even called a racist.

So be it! If being a racist is stating facts, call me racist!

But that won’t change any facts:

Consistently since 1997, 95% of the murdered African Americans have been murdered by…African Americans! Oakland is a violent city! Civil rights, hate and race related crimes only work one way –when African Americans are victims- but never any other ways –when they are the perpetrators of hate crimes-

I just wanted to close my case and run some things by you…again…and please…remember fourth grade: use your words!

Fact #1:

According to the DOJ –Department of Justice- as an African American, you will most likely be murdered by another African American. 95% is the number…so even the 5% remaining are crimes committed by KKK racist cops, you’d better learn to know your enemy. By the way…most of it is for drugs related reasons!




Fact #2:


“Characteristics of Victims and Suspects

Sex and Race

The homicide victims were predominantly male (85%), and so were the anticipated, named, or arrested suspects (92%).

The majority of victims were black (71%), and so were the anticipated, named or arrested suspects (77%). The next most common group victimized was Hispanics (15%), and then whites (7%). The groups with the fewest victims were the Asians (4%) and those from other groups.

The victims and suspects[1] for the vast majority of cases were from the same racial or ethnic group – 98% of the male victims were killed by male suspects, and 93% of the black victims were killed by black suspects. However, in the small number of cases with a female victim (just 9 cases), only a little over half the suspects were males (56%); in almost half the cases, the killer was a female (44%).

Such intragender and intraracial homicides were most typical when the killing was due to drugs or to an argument. By contrast, in the case of robbery, only about half the victims and suspects were from the same group; such killings were more likely to cross gender or racial lines.”

Fact #3

Oakland is a violent city…,Mu,Ro,SA,DP,Na,Al,Pr,Th,VT,Va,Bu,Ar&dtend=2010-07-26T23:59:59-07:00&hours=0-23&zoom=14&lat=37.816&lon=-122.270&dtstart=2010-07-19T23:59:59-07:00

Fact #4

As far as civil rights and hate crime goes, below two quick example barely talked about by mainstream media. Should African Americans be exposed for their violence, hate, racism?

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - The killing in Oakland of Tian Sheng Yu, 59, by several 18-year-old Black men two weeks ago has inflamed tensions between the Bay Area’s Black and Chinese communities.

Coming after a series of attacks on and around the T streetcar line in San Francisco’s Bay View-Hunters Point neighborhood, it has also raised fears in the Chinese community of a wave of Black-on-Asian violence.

But while tensions between the two communities may be running high, crime statistics show such incidents are exceedingly rare.

“Oakland’s recent high year for homicide was 2006, with 149 killings. All but six victims were Black or Hispanic,” noted Frank Zimring, who directs the Center for Studies of Criminal Justice at UC Berkeley.

While the race of every perpetrator is not known, Mr. Zimring guesses that there was at most one homicide with a Black offender and an Asian victim.

Mr. Yu wasn’t even an Oaklander. He was a home-care worker in San Francisco, a fairly recent immigrant from China. He and his 27-year-old son were in uptown Oakland to shop for coins. Then, suddenly, violence struck when the two teenagers, who happened to be African American, first slugged the son, then later the father, Mr. Yu, who fell hard to the pavement, hitting his head. That was a fatal blow.

07-26) 17:24 PDT OAKLAND — Two suspects have been arrested in the slaying of a Virginia man who was shot to death in downtown Oakland after being robbed of $17, police said.George Hugguins, 24, of Oakland was arrested Monday afternoon on suspicion of robbing Jinghong Kang, 45, and then fatally shooting him, police spokeswoman Holly Joshi said.

You must be so proud!

By the way….did you notice that we have a black president that has been overwhelmingly elected by white people?

Also, did you notice all these successful African Americans who have seized the many opportunities offered to them and taken the higher roads?

Eric Chevreuil Eric Chevreuil


Obama & Democrats Economic Recovery Policy… LIE

Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

Let me say that unemployment insurance… is one of the biggest stimuluses to our economy… It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name… Nancy Pelosi (July 2010)

The Obama Regime is in full campaign mode. You may not have noticed because the Marxist messiah and most Democrats have always been in campaign mode. Since they fail at governing, campaigning and, as Pelosi demonstrated, looking like idiots are about the only things the Empty Suit and Democrats are good at.

Obama and his Democrat stooges know the midterm elections are quickly approaching and are searching for a campaign strategy. They are failing badly and the economic data and poll numbers prove it. The “party of asses” knows they can not run on their record. The stimulus bill has been a failure. Obamacare and Financial Reform are bad jokes that will be total failures. Democrats, at the behest of the Marxist messiah, are poised to pass the Cap & Tax bill. None of these are supported by the American people. Obama’s mortgage program failed and team Obama’s response to the Gulf oil spill has been a total disaster. The “converted Muslim” assigned NASA the new task of focusing on improving Muslim self esteem while all of his foreign policies have failed exposing him as an inexperienced and inept amateur.

The Marxist messiah and Democrats campaign strategy is to do what they do best, LIE and blame it all on President George Bush. Over the last few weeks they have been flooding the media and propagating fantasy and fabrication adnauseam. It really isn’t unexpected. It’s what liberals do. The Koran teaches Muslims that it is permitted to lie to infidels. Obama seems to have reverted to his Muslim roots and liberal Democrats have incorporated that Islamic commandment with the teachings of their prophets Marx and Alinsky. They act as if it is not a sin to lie to the voters as long as it advances their stranglehold on power.

The Man Child cries that the economic crisis is not his fault. “I inherited this mess,” Obama whines. This is an OUTRAGEOUS LIE. Remember when Obama’s Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007. The public debt was $8.7 trillion; the deficit was $169 billion; debt was 48% of GDP; unemployment was around 4%. In four years Obama (as Senator and President) and Democrats have given the American people an unsustainable $13.2 trillion debt; a $1.8 trillion deficit; debt is over 90% of GDP; and unemployment is around 9.5% and 20% if you include the under-employed and those no longer looking for work.

Obama and Democrats did not inherit this mess they created it and President Bush and liberal Republicans enabled them. Major contributing factors to the economic crisis were a credit bubble, a housing collapse and a systemic failure of the entire banking system. Democrats, led by the corrupt Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), caused the meltdown by forcing financial institutions and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to use corrupted bond-ratings, exotic debt instruments and highly dubious qualifying criteria to give mortgage loans to unqualified high risk or deceitful homebuyers. The mess was NOT caused by eight years of President George Bush’s policies.

The Liar-in-Chief, Biden and Democrats can’t even keep their stories straight as they travel around the country on their “Recovery Summer Tour”. First they tell people not to pay attention to those pesky economic statistics. Then they lie and tell the people that economy has turned the corner and is getting better. Then Obama gives another speech while he parades three unemployed victim props in front of the cameras while he pronounces that Americans can not get jobs in Obama’s America and we must borrow more than $30 billion to extend unemployment benefits. Obama and Democrats are killing the economy and blaming it on President Bush. They “hope” enough useful idiots will believe their lies and not vote for “change”.

George A. Torres, Jr George Torres


I had a bet that one day, Oakland would be on fire…again!

Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

The case has been so racially charged that I am sure you are all aware of it. In a nutshell, a transit Police officer shot an African American adult in the back while trying to arrest him. The victim was resisting arrest and the officer stated that it meant to tase him but took the wrong gun from his belt while struggling for control (he used his 40 caliber handgun instead of the Taser gun). This took place in the nice friendly city of Oakland, CA, (tongue in cheek) and the trial was eventually moved to Los Angeles because the violent demonstrations in Oakland would have prevented a fair trial. I had a bet going! I bet that whatever the ruling on the BART death would be, the streets of Oakland would be set on fire again and stores looted by the typical crowd of violent opportunistic gang bangers only interested in freebees. Like in so many other black “civil right” demonstrations before, the discourse ended up in pitiful acts of “shopping frenzy” and destruction that only brought shame to the cause and disgust from spectators worldwide. At the end of the day, Oakland is worse off, shop owners are going to take their businesses someplace else and the same rabid crowd will burn things again Aug 6th when the final sentence will fall, all in the name of racism and because their city lacks opportunities. I hope the enthusiasm and media coverage will be similar about the recent racist calls for the murders of “crackers” by the leader of the Black Panther or when the two black teens that beat up a 70 year old Asian to death in San Francisco will have their day in court.. After all, civil rights issues seem critical to that sort of crowd…and a looting opportunity in San Fran should not be passed on.
Eric Chevreuil Eric Chevreuil


Obama: A Saga of Failures

Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys… P.J. O’Rourke

In the 18 months since the empty suit was elected president, Obama and his team have proven that he and his administration is the most incompetent in our nation’s history. Obama makes Carter and Clinton look like ethical executive geniuses. Team Obama is like a cast of Hollywood’s most imbecilic comic characters. Obama, Reid and Biden would be Stooges Moe, Larry and Curly; Pelosi is the Wicked Witch of the West; Emanuel is Slip Mahoney; Axlerod is Oliver Hardy; Gibbs is “Sach” Jones; Holder is Alfalfa; Hillary is Cruella De Vil and the rest of team Obama would be various characters from the Keystone Kops, Little Rascals, Alice’s Wonderland and the Munchkins’ Land of OZ.

Of course brain-dead liberals will hail their anointed one as the greatest, most brilliant president ever. Of course these intellectually vacant liberals will ignore any fact that does not support their delusion. Actually, Obama is an amateur and his presidency is and will be a total failure – unless his goal is to make America a third world nation.

Let’s review a few failures. On the domestic front he has bungled the Gulf oil spill. He claims to be in charge since day one. Yet, he interrupted his golf games and entertainment just long enough to refuse help from 13 countries that offered to help skim the oil to prevent it from reaching the Gulf States shores; at behest of the Maritime Union he refused to waive the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones Act). Obama has declared an economy killing six month moratorium on oil drilling against the advice of his experts and the will of the people.

Obama has given the American people an unsustainable $13 billion debt with a $1.8 trillion deficit and is still spending like a drunken Marxist. He has given America a 9.8% unemployment rate and 20% under-employed rate. He will raise our income and estate taxes in 2011 and is pushing carbon, gas and energy taxes (Cap & Trade). Obama is killing the economy.

Obama supported a race-baiter and insulted the Cambridge Police after admitting he was ignorant of the facts, yet defended Muslim terrorist like Maj. Nidal Hassan. He appeased our enemies resulting in terrorist attacks on American soil and pressed for domestic “criminal” trials for terrorist KSM in New York City. Then, he (and his team) denigrated Arizonians and criticized its anti-illegal immigration law with out reading it and push for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Obama dismissed the concerns and will of a super majority of Americans and forced the passage of Obamacare in violation of Congressional protocol and the U.S. Constitution; promoted unfit mortgage borrowers and penalized those who honor their mortgage; he violated federal laws to bail out associates in the banking industry and nationalize the auto and health industries for the benefit of union friends. He failed in his campaign for Chicago to score the Olympics; he accepted the unearned Nobel Peace prize and embraced the “climate change” hoax claiming the science is settled dismissing disagreement by 31,000 scientists.

Obama has also been a total failure on the international stage. He promised a better international image but weaker is not better. Obama humiliated himself and America when he bowed before the king of Saudi Arabia, the Communist Chinese president and the Japanese emperor. After Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called him an “ignoramus” he greeted him with a hug, handshake and a smile.

Obama has antagonized our closest allies; derided Israel’s nuclear program and sovereign rights; failed to get France and Germany’s support on Afghanistan or stimulus spending and French President Nicolas Sarkozy later noted he is inexperienced. Obama chastised the Afghans for holding a “Chicago style” corrupt election; abandoned an ally in Columbia to appease his union cohorts; undermined a constitutional uprising in Honduras and pandered to Marxist and Islamic dictators. His appeasement rhetoric with Iran has failed to deter Iran’s effort to construct the nuclear bomb. Obama was weak and silent when Iran convicted Roxana Saberi by secret trial and brutally slaughtered hundreds of Iranian freedom seeking protestors. He stood silent when the Russians sponsored an uprising in Kyrgyzstan that cost the loss of a U.S. airbase and he legitimized an Islamist Turkish government. Obama spoke of “a world without nuclear weapons” and North Korea responded by test firing a ballistic missile.

This is a short list of failures and his saga of failures will continue. The world view of America is not better. The world view is the Community Organizing-Teleprompter President is a weak, incompetent amateur and our enemies can act with impunity.

George A. Torres, Jr George Torres


Drill Baby Drill

Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

The President has recently stated that we should not criminalize immigration and that off-shore drilling should be banned until measures have been taken to make the process safer.

The only problems I have with these grandiose goals is that they are “misguided” or totally “misguiding”, blatant lies in the face of the American people.

Nobody has ever tried to criminalize legal immigration! The people (2 to 1 nationwide) are just pushing their government to live by its Federal laws and secure our borders and deal with illegal immigration as the criminal activity it is. According to most dictionaries, a border is a geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions. It divides! A border has never been setup to unite despite what President Obama might have learned from Kagan at Harvard. Checkpoints and proper paperwork are the only uniting ways of such a demarcation line.

My fair and balanced solution to solve the illegal immigration problem and make Mexicans happy without being singled out as human rights abusers: we should just adopt the Mexican immigration laws and jail conditions!

Regarding drilling, I do agree that it is a tragedy to see the Gulf of Mexico under the black tide of an oil spill. But If we unilaterally stop drilling, it is not going to make the operation safer for the other drilling countries and we will still be at the mercy of an oil spill unless we ban it globally and prevent it definitely by forcibly seizing all the drilling platforms in the world. If we just stop, do you really think that the rest of the world will stop too? Mexico? Venezuela?

Do you think that such a thing as the unilateral opening of our borders, the unilateral nuclear disarmament, the unilateral ban on drilling for oil, and other unilateral fuzzy woozy things we can come up will actually benefit the world?… or us?

Eric ChevreuilEric Chevreuil


Obama’s America = Another Greece

Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

In 2008, Barrack Obama proclaimed, “This is our moment, this is our time to turn the page on the policies of the past, to offer a new direction. We are fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Let’s review Obama’s America in 2010.

The national debt is over $13 trillion, the deficit is approaching $1.8 trillion and the debt to GDP ratio is 90%. Federal, state and local spending accounted for 50% of GDP. Banks are closing and homes are foreclosing in record numbers. Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history. The result is a major shift in the source of personal income from private wages to government programs.

Yet, delusional liberal economist claim the shift in income shows that the federal government’s stimulus efforts have been effective and the system working as it should. Government is stimulating growth and helping people in need. They ignore the fact that Greece followed their economic model and have gone bankrupt. The data does not support their claim. Yet, brain dead liberals incapable of independent thought buy this fantasy hook, line and sinker.

Credible economists assert a shift from private wages to government benefits saps the economy. People are paid not to produce. They point out that the riots in Greece over cutting benefits to close a huge budget deficit are a warning that government welfare programs, excessive government and union benefits, early retirements, etc. are unsustainable. Greece has illustrated what is in store for the U.S. under Obama and democrat policies.

Economist Arthur Laffer warned that Obama’s tax hikes expected to hit after the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will cause businesses to shift production and income from 2011 to 2010 to the greatest extent possible. This shift is historically important. Laffer explained at the end of 1993 taxpayers shifted wages and bonuses to avoid the increase in Medicare taxes that went into effect beginning 1994. The Reagan’s tax cuts were passed in 1981 but didn’t take effect until 1983. During 1981 and 1982 people and businesses deferred economic activity so that GDP was flat and the unemployment rate rose above 10%. In 1983, the economy accelerated with growth in GDP reaching 7.5% in 1983 and 5.5% in 1984. Obama’s deferred tax rate increases will have the reverse effect and the economy will collapse in 2011. Yet Obama continues with his economy killing policies.

Of course Obama and moronic democrats blame President Bush and claim they inherited the economic crisis. They ignore a few minor facts. In 2006 debt was about $8.2 trillion, the deficit about $162 billion and the debt was 48% of GDP. After four years of a democrat controlled Congress and President Bush refusing to invoke his veto power and two years of Obama, we now have a $13 trillion debt, a $1.8 trillion deficit and the debt is 90% of GDP. Democrats and Obama did not inherit the economic crisis, the created it.

Now the economic crisis is about to be exacerbated by the Gulf oil spill and Obama’s lack of ability to deal with it. Experts have explained how early responses by Team Obama to relax environmental regulations to allow immediate burning and building sand islands, authorizing skimmers and super tankers to suck up the oil, would have decreased the size of the spill.

However, this economic crisis and environmental disaster is of little concern to the vacationing Obama. While Americans struggle with his economic crisis, high unemployment, unsustainable government debt and deficits, and Gulf oil spill, he is living the good life. The incompetent-arrogant-entitled-elitist-in-chief is golfing, celebrating basketball championships, enjoying excessive White House galas for leaders of India and Mexico and swooning to a Paul McCartney concert, has taken several international vacation junkets and monthly domestic junkets; all at tax payer expense. He stopped vacationing just long enough to give another speech, talk tough, tell the people he cares and then vacillate about how to respond to the Gulf oil spill before heading back to the White House for another rock concert. The master midway carnival barker and his democrat minions are transforming America into another Greece.

George A. Torres, Jr George Torres


North Korea.

Crime, Education, Politics, Terrorism, Violence

It looks like King Kong of North Korea is still bullying the whole world and especially America….and getting away with it!

North Korea sank a South Korean ship, killing 46 sailors in the process, and is saber rattling now that it has been exposed once again for the rogue state it is and has been for decades.

The poor country has a nuclear arsenal that we have been paying for indirectly (every year we feed the North Korean people while Kim Jong spends his money developing nukes, long range missiles and equipping his army of one million). Also, its multitude of artillery pieces have had their sights locked on Seoul decades ago and could wipe it off the surface of the planet in less time that it would take President Obama to read an official condemnation on a teleprompter.

The tiny ailing dictator is still standing stronger than ever and nose-thumbing us in the process. Why? Simply because he can! Lol

The new administration has appeared weak and undecided again and again during the recent nuclear and missile crisis.

Also, , we have unilaterally re-written our nuclear deterrence policies and stated that we would never use nuke against a conventional enemy, thus playing in the hands of a dictator that has enough conventional weapons to level Seoul within 30 minutes and enough soldiers to run us over and occupy the peninsula within hours.

With our without Chinese support, there is nothing that we can do…nothing!

We have become irrelevant internationally and our military is so thinly stretched that it would take too long to reinforce our presence in South Korea.

We have become irrelevant to North Korea, to Iran, to China, to Russia, to Mexico, to the Gulf of Mexico…

We were and are no longer.

What a statement so close to Memorial day, so close to the celebration of the best among us and the blood they have shed to make the country the great country it used to be.


Politicians did not give us our freedoms: Soldiers did!

Lawyers did not give us our rights: soldiers did.

Poets did not give us freedom of speech: soldiers did.

Churches did not give us our freedom of religion: soldiers did.

Since the revolutionary war, everything we got has been granted to us by our soldiers, not by presidents, politicians or the ACLU!

The latter are just the one shamelessly giving it away!

Eric Chevreuil Chevreuil, Eric

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